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Female pen pals wanted

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  • Elda Garcia
    Hi! My name is Elda and I m a 34 yr old SAHM from Texas in search of other female pen pals. A bit about myself, my hobbies are dancing, reading (almost
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2002
      Hi! My name is Elda and I'm a 34 yr old SAHM from Texas in search of
      other female pen pals.

      A bit about myself, my hobbies are dancing, reading (almost anything
      I can get my hands on...I'm a reading fanatic), traveling, camping,
      hiking, working out, long walks, surfing the web, pen palling,
      meeting new people, hanging out with family and friends, shopping,
      fashion, sleeping, listening to music (big music lover with a wide
      array of tastes), watching TV, going to the movies, plays, ballet,
      art museums, coffeehouse, book stores, poetry readings, collecting
      magazines, music C D's, Movie C D's and also collecting and Swapping
      FB's, stickers, stationery, postcards, bookmarkers, pictures, music,
      books, and anything with FARIES or cats. But my favorite thing to do
      is play with my 7 month old son. His name is Kaelan Julius. He is
      the light of my life and a real blessing to me. I'm not married but
      live with my boyfriend Kevin. He is 46 and has 2 older children from
      his first marriage. He has a 20 yr old daughter and a 13 yr old son.
      They do not live with us but visit often. I'm a big animal lover. At
      home we have 2 mini pinchers. Their names are Camilla and Prissy.
      They are awesome little dogs and very protective of Kaelan. I love
      watching them interact. At my mom's house I have a big fat 20 pound
      cat named Althea. She is super spoiled and acts like the queen of
      the house. I was not able to take her with me when I moved in with
      Kevin because she is very attached to my mom and she HATES the
      dogs...LOL! We're looking for a simease kitten for Kaelan. We want
      an evil looking one..LOL!. Let's see...I'm an honest and open minded
      person who loves to write about anything at all. I'm looking to
      develop long lasting friendships that will last longer than A couple
      of letters. I hope you read something in this message that will
      spark some interst in you and decide to write back. Take care. Smile

      PS. You can write to me at Elda Garcia, 3319 West University #31,
      Edinburg, Texas 78539 USA or if you'd like for me to send the first
      letter send me a message to babybunny42002@...
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