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moving up day

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  • sue mccormick
    Hi Everyone,     Well we went to see our son Patrick s moving up ceremonies yesterday and they were great!!   I took both the digital camera including the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2008
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      Hi Everyone,
      Well we went to see our son Patrick's moving up ceremonies yesterday and they were great!!
      I took both the digital camera including the camcorder.  I got the whole 5th grade class singing their song.  I also took a lot of digital photos.  Since this is the first time that I have used the digital camera, I just hope that they came out ok.  I have a full memory card and will be dropping it off at Wal-mart this week.
      Will keep you posted.
      I cannot believe how fast the time has come from the first day of school in Kindergarten putting him on the school bus to the last day in elementary school.  Now comes middle school years of which there are only three and then the last four years of school in high school.
      He has come so far and has grown to be a well respected boy.  He has been told by many of his teachers that he will be missed in elementary school.  He always had a wonderful upbeat way of looking at things.  I just hope that when it gets harder in middle school that it will not change his way of looking at things.
      We took him out to dinner last evening at Chili's to celebrate.  Also gave him what he wanted and that was a new game for his ninetendo ds light game.
      Anyways, I am now reading a book called "Lake of Dead Languages" which is about a school in the adirondack mountains in new york state which had a tragedy 20 years ago where three young children drowned.  At least they think that they drowned.  Now the lake is once again claiming lives. 
      Anyways, we went out to dinner on Sunday and I had a roast beef sub and Pat had lasagna while Patrick had french fries and chicken wings.
      My vegetable garden is coming along well.  I have lots of green beans coming along, cucumbers are starting to climb the fence and my squash is coming along.  My tomato plants all have flowers on them and some of them have already produced small green tomatoes.  Just waiting for them to ripen.  Had to send away for some type of spray to keep chipmunks out of the garden. They are putting holes all over the front of the house as well as near the garage and side of the house and throwing dirt all over where they dug.
      We have tried marigold plants and they only end up ripping them out of the ground.  They are ripping up my impatients out of the ground as well as my petunas so I had to get some powdery dust that states that it smells like a red fox which is their enemy.  Pat will be applying it to the outside of their holes this weekend as it is going to run all week and you have to keep applying it after it rains. 
      I will let you know if it works.
      Take care.

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