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Re: Poverty

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  • Pat Delany
    Many many thanks Kevin You know I ll do what ever I can to help. My daughter could translate the book into Russian but she has 2 part time jobs and 2 kids and
    Message 1 of 45 , Dec 4, 2006
      Many many thanks Kevin
      You know I'll do what ever I can to help. My daughter could translate
      the book into Russian but she has 2 part time jobs and 2 kids and
      lives in NYC. Maybe I can con her at Christmas.


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      > Pat -
      > We just had a missionary in our church who is, in part, doing
      > development work in the Ukraine. I pointed him to our group (they are
      > trying to find small businesses to start so that seminary students can
      > support themselves while taking classes, then have skills to apply when
      > they graduate to make a living and improve infrastructure). They are
      > currently involved in making furniture and electric lights; I thought
      > our group was a natural fit. I also pointed him to the vertical shaft
      > brick kiln, as I noticed that there were stacks and stacks of bricks in
      > evidence in many of the slides showing construction projects. He
      > thought this also might have aplication for the situation there in
      > Ukraine. Though major cities appeared to be very modern in his pictures
      > (streetcars, glass high-rises), people in the countryside live in what
      > appeared to be conditions not far above my conception of medieval
      > Europe.
      > A friend was at Novosbirsk State University (in Siberia) a few years
      > ago, teaching American Government and Politics. His pictures showed a
      > similar situation - Novosbirsk is modern, but in the countryside people
      > live in one-room hovels and cut hay with a scythe, collecting it with a
      > three-tined hay fork! If they are well-off, they may have a horse for
      > draft purposes. Even comparitively "modern" countries can have very
      > primitive conditions outside of major cities.
      > Kevin
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      > >
      > > The MM is all about relieving third world poverty and if you can help
      > > to get the word out to people involved with this, please let me know.
      > >
      > > Pat
      > >
    • so_soapy
      ... Yes, someone from Afghanistan.
      Message 45 of 45 , Dec 15, 2006
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        > >This may be a little late to get into this thread. But... I'm a noob,
        > >guided here from "Make"
        > LOL. Exactly the same story as above. Came here last night.
        > Hi.
        > >Sure, an Afghani
        > Afghani???

        Yes, someone from Afghanistan.
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