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RE: Spot Welder

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    http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Spot-Welder-for-Cheap/ ... From: David G. LeVine To: multimachine@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 11, 2013

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      On 09/10/2013 10:21 PM, Simon Forget wrote:
      Hot rolled steel is common around the world in both full pieces and scrap metal. You can find it not only in automotive but also on ships and agriculture machines to name a few. It's great to weld but it would be better if we were able to bend it too.

      Aside if all ideas about new machines that came up in the last days, I have not seen anything regarding a bending machine or jig nor some kind of shear. On my side, I have not find a good open-source bending machine plan yet.

      It would also be great if someone could come up with a safe plan to build a stick and/or a spot welder. I have been given a stick welder and an homemade shunt that prevent sticking. I will try to reverse engineer it next winter before killing myself while learning how to weld… :-)


      Do you REALLY want me to document my super simple press brake?  How about my super simple "3 pieces of angle" bending brake?  Those are amazingly simple.

      Dave  8{)


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