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Re: [multimachine] second half of the project post

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  • Pat Delany
    Thanks Dave I have long felt that it is wrong to believe in anything that has the first letter of its name in upper case. I really believe this. Good things
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      Thanks Dave
      I have long felt that it is wrong to believe in anything that has the first letter of its name in upper case. I really believe this. Good things are love, keeping one's word, kindness, persistence and machine people. Named things are usually ridiculous because the bureaucrats have taken over.

      My latest scheme is to crowdsource the whole process of spreading the word.

      To understand what I am trying to say, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_crowdsourcing_projects

      I would use multiple, existing crowdsource channels to host projects in:

      Vetting and improving the design
      Designing the logo
      Improving the manual;
      Translating the literature
      Distributing the idea
      The use of the machine in education
      The use of concrete in other kinds machine tools.

      All these steps are based on the idea that the question becomes the answer. Properly done (with a little prize money) bright, ambitious people from all over the world would have a reason to really think about the concrete lathe project and no large organizations would have to be involved.

      For the TED prize application (wiki TED), (due Aug 31) 

      I really want opinions about this.


      From: David G. LeVine <dlevine@...>
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      On 07/28/2012 01:09 PM, Pat wrote:
      Step 4
      Enlist the help of organizations that have people who travel to developing countries to distribute (micro distribution?) the handouts to schools, NGOs and local cab drivers (maybe the only people who know about the locations of local repair, welding and blacksmith shops)
      Step 5
      Establish a reward (lathe tool kit, supplied regionally) for the first machines built, successfully used and reported.
      Step 6  
      Convert these reports to "good news story" press releases and distribute to regional press.
      Step 7 Use these stories for YouTube videos and Facebook updates.
      Step 8 Use all these sources to point back to a constantly updated "how to build a  metal lathe made from concrete" .

      NGOs and bureaucracies generally have no incentive for success.  When their funding is to help "needy" people, if they succeed, there are no more needy people, they are out of business.

      However if they fail (real world terms), but reach their goal (just one farmer was trained at a cost of $100,000 to use manure to fertilize his plants), they get more funding, even though there is no chance of success.

      The multimachine is a threat to their system of "success."  if it works as you suggest, they won't be needed to funnel other people's money to the poor.

      My best guess is that we need a strategy to ensure the NGOs don't see it this way.  If they see the multimachine as a way to make the third world people more dependent on them, they will embrace it.

      Now I ask, what strategy and tactics will accomplish this goal?  I don't know.

      Dave  8{)

      "The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him."
      Niccolo Machiavelli

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