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Re: [multimachine] O.T. Watts to Volts

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  • David G. LeVine
    ... Yes, 550 Watts at 220 Volts is 2.5 Amperes. However, the question about quality is indeterminate. Drill quality may not be related to power. Which is
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 28, 2012
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      On 02/28/2012 08:16 AM, DennisF MacIntyre wrote:
      Dear Pat and Group                     2012/02/28   22:16 KT
            I am in the market for a hand drill in the Orient. I am looking at one using 550 watts @ 220 Volts. That would be 2 1/2/ Amps wouldn't it?   Now, ordinarily I wouldn't think of buying a drill only using 2 1/2/ A.., but my background is only using 110 volts. Is a 550 Watts drill at 220 V. volts a decent drill?
        Thanks in advance
      keep smiling
      dennis mac

      Yes, 550 Watts at 220 Volts is 2.5 Amperes.

      However, the question about quality is indeterminate.  Drill quality may not be related to power.  Which is better, a 3 KW drill for $7.99 or a 600 Watt drill for $179.99?  I could guess, but the power would be unimportant if the drill had sleeve bearings and thin pot metal structures inside. 

      1 HP is roughly 746 Watts, the drill you are looking at will provide almost 3/4 HP with 100% efficient motors, figure you will see 1/2 HP if everything works as advertised, possibly zero if it doesn't =-O

      The drill quality is something you need to determine for yourself.  Small, hand held drills run under 100 Watts and are still effective (a 12 Volt drill generally has a 1.2 AH battery pack (14.4 Watt Hour), which will last 12 or more minutes at full load, that works out as 72 Watts.)  Bigger drills handle larger power inputs.

      For drilling large holes in steel plates, a fast drill is not your friend, I would like to see below 250 RPM  for a large bit in steel, and you might need much slower speeds to avoid overheating.

      Dave  8{)

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