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Re: Important dimensions question/Paul

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  • Pat
    Dimensions by cup and paper plate model. Swing is 20 Ways (centers)are 11 wide, 2 od. Would prefer larger but... Carriage is 17 wide, 12 long. Wrong
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 31, 2011
      Dimensions by cup and paper plate model.
      Swing is 20"
      Ways (centers)are 11" wide, 2" od. Would prefer larger but...
      Carriage is 17" wide, 12" long. Wrong proportions I know but remember that the lead screw is between the ways and not on the side like most lathes. The carriage could be longer but this takes up valuable space and also causes a problem with a tail stock.

      Top of carriage/cross slide/compound is 5" (2" concrete plus 4 pcs 3/4" steel)above the top of the ways. This will let the carriage fit under a 6 to 7" workpiece. Spindle is 8.5" above the height of the ways.
      The swing is a little excessive but is a result of simple concrete and plate carriage construction.

      This is very important, I hope a bunch of you guys will get your cups and saucers out and then let me know what you think.


      --- In multimachine@yahoogroups.com, "Pat" <rigmatch@...> wrote:
      > Paul asked me an important question yesterday that I did not know quite how to answer. It was about carriage dimensions, he can't draw a proper one without knowing the sizes of the components.
      > Lets start with the basics.as I see them at this point in time
      > The flywheel/faceplate will probably be about 12" diameter
      > The swing of the lathe will be large enough to face off 8"x14" bar that would be used in making cross slides for more machines ( this probably should be changed)
      > The carriage thickness questions are:
      > The height of the apex of the angle iron that bears on the 2"? ways?
      > The thickness of the concrete above the apex of the angle iron?
      > The total thichness of the 4 pieces of steel that make up the cross slide and compound?
      > As a personal desire I want the carriage to fit under either a 6" or 8" workpiece so that an aux. spindle can be used on the side of the work piece.
      > Many carriages seem to 1.5 times as long as they are wide.
      > What should be the height of the spindle over the ways?
      > How far should the ways be apart? Center to center.
      > Is the carriage length widh ratio valid and necessary?
      > Am I correct that the carriage having to fit under either a 6" or an 8" workpiece makes a huge difference in the size of the machine?
      > Pat
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