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18061Re: [multimachine] Trying again with Sketchup

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  • Pat Delany
    Jul 23, 2014
      Thanks Shannon
      Shannon is right that the reason for the patent attempt is not to make money, it is instead to get the idea developed as soon as possible. 
      I had the device developed (in my mind) long before I spent a month in a good rehab hospital. What I studied there were over a hundred different mobility devices, most of which were very poorly designed. I also had many talks with physical therapists about the problems most aging people faced (eventually, most of us!). The few PHD therapists I could trust with the details of my device could suggest no design changes at all but all  therapists saw a need for it  to on the market.


      On Tuesday, July 22, 2014 9:55 PM, "Shannon DeWolfe sdewolfe@... [multimachine]" <multimachine@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Pat does not need me to defend him. But I will anyway. You do not know
      him. I don't know him well. But I know him well enough to know that
      making money on the misfortune of others is not something that would
      have crossed his mind.

      The device he is working on, and has been working on for years, is a
      walker that will assist a person from a sitting position on the floor.
      He wants it to be compact and light so a person who can barely walk
      (like himself) can use it in the house. Pat is, even at 79, a big man.
      If he falls in the house and cannot lift himself he will be right where
      he falls until help can be summoned.

      Pat is not a wealthy man. He is spending money on this device that he
      could use elsewhere. There are no large corporations interested because
      the market for the device is too small. It isn't worth it to them to do
      the R&D. But, if the device is not protected by patent unscrupulous
      companies will certainly run with the idea and charge way more to all
      people, rich and poor alike, than Pat or his heirs would.


      Mr. Shannon DeWolfe
      --I've taken to using Mr. because my name misleads folks on the WWW. I am a 58 year old fat man.

      On 7/22/2014 2:47 PM, Christophe Malvasio arsdmthe@...
      [multimachine] wrote:
      > hi
      > i live in a electrical wheeling chair and i tell you :
      > 1) your device is just a lie
      > 2) with patent you only contribute to make poor people more poor

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