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18055Re: [multimachine] Developing country "Cole" drill

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  • David G. LeVine
    Jul 16, 2014
      On 07/15/2014 11:23 PM, Lance Eggleston gbof@... [multimachine]
      > Having a hard time getting the picture of the device working.

      Okay, imagine a "G" like clamp where the "C" is the frame and the
      remainder is the screw.

      ---|| <Shaft and bearing go here, where the fixed pad was. Either
      through a drilled hole or
      / a brazed hunk of pipe replacing the fixed pad.
      | === <Original swivel pad, where it was before.
      \ //
      --|||| <Old screw goes here, where it was before in the original nut.
      ----||---- <Original "T" handle, where it was before.

      The screw (and existing pad) press on the back of the work (which is why
      I suggested pipe spacers to prevent destroying the swivel pad.) The
      drill presses on the top, the clamp moves as the work is cut, the work
      is fixed and the pressure is supplied to the work through the screw

      What is nice is that for a single brazed joint and no other real
      machining, the drill can be built. If just a drilled hole is wanted
      (for the shaft driving the drill bit), the swivel pad can provide the
      pressure until the hole is drilled. Put a socket on the pad and put the
      bit in the socket (to hold things straight.)

      Dave 8{)

      "A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the

      Bill Cosby
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