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18049Re: [multimachine] Developing country "Cole" drill - thrust bearing details

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  • Larry Bentley
    Jul 15, 2014
      Thanks Pat, but we might ought to explain the thrust bearing in the sketch picture for those where weren't there for the discussion. 
      Simple, cheap, easy to build it consists of two metal lids from any glass jar, with open ends facing each other.  Between the jar lids you add a few standard glass toy marbles, or if available and larger loose ball bearings would work.  Marbles are pretty widely available, but old computer mouseballs would also work, (3 golf balls?), you get the picture.
      Yes, you need to cut a hole in both jar lids for the drill shaft to pass, but it is non-critical for exact location or sizing.  Jar lids can be glued to both wooden pieces. You do have to keep some weight or pressure to keep the lids close together when you lift the frame to change workpiece, or you risk loosing your marbles!  Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.
      Larry Bentley
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      Subject: [multimachine] Developing country "Cole" drill

      It has taken the 5 months since spinal surgery for me to start functioning again. First old/new project is an easy to build version of the Cole drill (attached), I think (whatever that means!) that the world needs something like this.


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