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  • rigmatch
    Jul 6, 2014

      Neither me or our projects.

      There is a nice upcoming article in my old union (electrical workers, IBEW) magazine. This could be a big deal since the magazine goes out to 750,000 people that make things.

      The author of the article is a former Peace Corps member who is going to try to get an article in the Peace Corps magazine.

      As an extra bonus, the writer got some great comments from a university professor who is head of an open sustainability technology lab. I hope to use this contact to promote two more projects that I want to keep alive, the drill and also a long neglected project to publicize the problem of African welder's eye safety. It is hard to have economic development without welding and if sunglasses are the main source of eye protection, it seems to be common for welders to lose their sight even before they become skilled. A ridiculous situation that could possibly be cured by including a cheap lens in every box of welding rods. A "no lose" deal for rod makers.


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