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18041Re: [multimachine] Essential and optional features of a lathe

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  • pokerbacken
    Jul 4, 2014
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      uhm, references on heat treatment and warping?
       how about the list below, they all state that a straight plunge is essential for a straight and uniform hardening.

      new edge of the anvil
      machinerys handbook
      the art of blacksmithing
      Sandvik heat treatment guide
      the complete modern blacksmith
      karlebo handbok (swedish)
      Karlebo materiallära (Swedish)
      Darryl Meier (the man that taught me to pattern weld stainless steel and carbon steel together in the forge).
      My grandfather
      My own experience...

      if you want to test yourself try hardening a straight razor (cutthroat razor) as hard as it will get without it getting uneven hardness or any warping or cracking, then temper it to a even pale straw colour, if you succeed you are really good.

      now I am going to go of topic a bit.
      while we are at the forge, if you want to test your skill with forgewelding weld two pieces of 3mm (1/8") thick and about 300mm (12") long steel together into a 600MM (24") straight bar without much of a bulge or "wasp waist" and still fairly straight in the end with no visible crack.
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