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17868Re: [multimachine] Your favorite small tools

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  • David G. LeVine
    Nov 27, 2013
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      On 11/26/2013 09:38 PM, orwhut@... wrote:
      Hex dies have two issues:

      . They are for rethreading (and will not last as long as round dies for threading, they are weaker and softer.)

      . They are not adjustable (round dies can be adjusted "just a tiny bit" to make threads tighter.)

      A set of round dies and a handle are not that expensive, but buy quality dies, cutting metal is difficult when they get bigger.

      See http://www.victornet.com/subdepartments/Die-Stocks-and-Holders/2600.html for an example of die stocks ($5 for a common sized one) and http://www.victornet.com/subdepartments/HS-Round-Dies-NC-and-NF/1340.html for round dies.  A 1" holder will handle up to 1/2" (12-13 mm) pretty well.  Hex dies can be found at http://www.victornet.com/subdepartments/Carbon-Steel-Hex-Dies/1380.html, and you do not need all sizes to build stuff.  Metrics are also available for similar prices.

      I cited Victor Machinery Exchange because I have had good service and fair prices.  Cheap dies are NOT your friend!

      Dies also will not thread oversized stock.  You will have to figure out how to make the stock the right size AND you will need cutting fluid.  Pipe cutting oil (used by plumbers) is pretty good, tapping fluids are also pretty good, but look at the price before you decide, cheap stuff is $20/gallon, and the prices rise from there.

      Does that help? 

      Dave  8{)


      Why aren't hex dies as good?  I've been wanting  a set.


      ---In multimachine@yahoogroups.com, <dlevine@...> wrote:

      On 11/23/2013 01:05 PM, rigmatch@... wrote:
      > Taps and drills for 6 and 9 mm. (or 1/4 and 3/8).
      > 1/2" good masonry and reg. bits

      Add to this dies (hex dies are not as good, but do not need a die stock.)

      Also consider a combination square. They are cheap, light and include a

      Also a Leatherman or SOG type multitool. Pliers, cutters, screwdrivers,

      Dave 8{)


      "A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice."

      Bill Cosby
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