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17863Re: [multimachine] New MM 11/21 (engineer needed)

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  • Eggleston Lance
    Nov 21, 2013
      To lift the slide vertically off the base
      would be 652#.

      The force holding it from sliding down the base angle is 534#.

      To move it up the base angle would need force > 534#.

      There is force required to overcome friction + force to overcome inertial mass + force to provide acceleration.  F=mass x acceleration 

      There is no Pressure. 

      In all cases, a 3 x 3 x 1ft concrete lathe is not a hand moveable machine.

      The T slot cross slide however, would be much less mass and with proper guides and lubrication could easily be moved by hand.

      On Nov 21, 2013, at 9:47 PM, Pat Delany wrote:

      Many thanks lance
      Is it possible to figure out how much pressure is needed to push them apart?


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