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  • Shannon DeWolfe
    Nov 20, 2013
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      Is the spring meant to keep the slide against the main block? If so, it
      is in the wrong plane. I don't think a spring is necessary anyway.

      Embed angle iron in the main block and the slide so that they make an
      interlocking fit. I don't have time tonight to draw a diagram. I have
      tried for half an hour to write what I envision and I cannot explain it
      well enough. Maybe later this week I will have time to draw it out.
      Basically the two angle irons are embedded in the the concrete in such a
      way that the slide has to be admitted to the base by sliding it down the
      face of the base. There is no other means of introducing the slide to
      the base. Once mounted, it cannot "fall off" because the angles are
      interlocked. Does that make sense?

      There will be tremendous forces pulling on the angle irons so they will
      have to be well anchored in the concrete. Perhaps the edge of the angle
      iron in the concrete can be welded to a plate which is in turn welded to
      rebar. A means has to be provided to lock the slide in place at the
      desired height. Grub screws? Wedges?

      The slide could be raised and lowered with a car jack with its base
      mounted on a swivel. A trailer hitch and ball might work for that. When
      pouring the slide, form a pocket in the under side of the slide that
      will be parallel with the ground when the slide is mounted on the main
      block. Embed flat iron on the face that will be parallel to the ground.
      That is where the jack will bear.

      I think the main block needs to be massive behind (to the left in your
      drawing) to act as a counterweight for the slide. I think the slide
      would tend to lift the rear of the main block as drawn.

      That would give a solid foundation. Now how do you hold and move the
      work as necessary on the slide? The only thing I can think of is one of
      those Harbor Freight x/y tables.


      Mr. Shannon DeWolfe
      -- I've taken to using mister because my name misleads folks on the WWW. I am a 57 year old fat man. ;-)
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