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17856Alexis, if you are still monitoring,

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  • Shannon DeWolfe
    Nov 20, 2013
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      I saw this setup on Craigslist and it reminded me of your need for a big
      turning machine for metal spraying.


      That commercially built machine is for turning big tanks for welding.
      The pillow blocks can be set at any of the positions you see along the
      length of the I beams to support diameters from large to extremely
      large. The non-powered end can be placed at any distance from the
      powered end to accommodate length. The powered end has a throughput
      gearbox on the motor side to feed the other gearbox. There are two bars
      stowed one on each side in the angle iron troughs on the main beams. I
      can only speculate that they are provided to lengthen the drive shaft
      between the gearboxes.

      I beam frames built in-house, eight pillow blocks, big casters
      (wheelbarrow wheels?), and means to power one end (chain drive?) might
      be a less expensive alternative.


      Mr. Shannon DeWolfe
      -- I've taken to using mister because my name misleads folks on the WWW. I am a 57 year old fat man. ;-)