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17559Re: [multimachine] Re: any hobby machinist in the same area

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  • Kobus Van der Walt
    Aug 18, 2013
      apologies Nick - my dayjob is in IT and there is constant bickering\teasing etc - but in a good way. I was looking for years for a hackerspace to join- did not even know what it was called. Browsed around and looking for a way to measure electrical usage of my fridge- ended up at a hackerspace. 

      In our space all the use of the tools are free.. we meetup on Tuesdays evenings and Saturdays. We get funding from local tech business(250sqm).. I think in the US hackerspace will really help your economy. 
      we have a saying down here- translated it mean a farmer will make a plan. i plan to muck about with some woodgas - for heat to soften metal so i can hit it with a hammer. Ran into the local distillers, plan to make some ethanol. Eventually all my interest should come together. i hope. 
      One of the guys i know are into aquaponics- 
      But keep in touch Nick- good luck. What i love about these groups is the supportive environment. Together we can make the world a better place and more interesting.  :)

      On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 5:17 AM, n9viw <n9viw@...> wrote:


      No, I was not being sarcastic! I am yet a newbie in the machine-making and machining world, but I have a great desire to learn. There were three groups in the Springfield, MO area (about an hour west of me) but it looks like of the three, the only one still active is SquidFoo. Their rates seem reasonable, but I would not get out there often enough to take full advantage of their facilities, as impressive as they sound. Also, I have no concept of 3d modeling or digital design.

      I think, at this point, I will have to be content to doink away at my own projects until I can create a small group of my own, people who might be a bit (or a lot) less technically or technologically minded, but who still like putting pieces together to make something. For my own purposes, I'm looking forward to bringing home a Peter Wright anvil I have on layaway at a local resale shop and refinishing that, then using it to start smithing hinges and pulls for a local cabinetmaker. I also want to make shop tools (but need the shop first), and also do a little 'Depression fab' and make a doodlebug tractor and some implements I'd like on our little homestead here. Like I said, low-tech but high fun!


      --- In multimachine@yahoogroups.com, Kobus Van der Walt <kvdwalt@...> wrote:
      > Nick this is for a South African hackerspace..(i did not think anybody will
      > take me up on this...)
      > i am suggesting that you join a local one..
      > http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Missouri but if you insist.. we will be
      > starting to utilise google hangouts..
      > Nick if you were sarcastic.. :)
      > i am a huge fan of virtual spaces- but there is nothing like making things
      > in the real world. A while back i told the Austin hackerspace of the
      > mulitmashine\contcrete lathe via mail. but i guess they dont read all their
      > mail either. Or i hape they knew about it already-but unlikely. Since Texas
      > is so small- Pat live just around the bend etc. :) For us driving 3 hours
      > is nothing. Met a Ausie while backpacking years ago- they drive for 6 hours
      > to a party - party and then drive back, on gravel roads, at night. Dont
      > want to bring to much geography into this..
      > You can build a thousand lathes in cyberspace - and none of them will be
      > able to make anything in the real world. But if you dont know about similar
      > minded people..
      > I met a older guy a couple of months ago, Hans- that make chocolates
      > figurines for cakes etc. Been doing that for +20 years- with 3D printing
      > principles. That mean that he has been doing this for longer than makerbot
      > or reprap been going. Mechanical engineer, his prevision job was building
      > armaments in the cold war era. Very useful knowledge. Loads of them around
      > in this area.

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