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16954Re: [multimachine] Question about Factor e Farm

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  • Shannon DeWolfe
    Apr 9, 2013

      I don't have time this morning to research the path your post has lead
      me to follow. We in the USA do not get much news about Africa on the TV
      and radio. There is much to learn.

      I found a more recent article about SA farmers moving north. Still
      researching the subject. Farmers must be taking tractors and combines
      and trucks with them to the countries to the north, no? If so, there
      will be a huge demand for fabrication and repair. I think we need to
      find a way to make the farmers aware of the potential of a multimachine
      or concrete lathe.

      BTW, I don't mind the off topic stuff either. Letting people discuss
      what they will brings about posts like yours.


      Mr. Shannon DeWolfe
      --I've taken to using Mr. because my name misleads folks on the WWW. I am a 57 year old fat man.

      On 4/8/2013 11:15 PM, Kobus Van der Walt wrote:
      > Technical y speaking this thread is off topic,,, and i am not
      > a moderator- so i dont care :)
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