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16945Re: Question about Factor e Farm

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    Apr 8, 2013
      I've had similar thoughts, but also working on a community type project myself it's kind of a strange thought process that occurs. Yes corporations are always needed at some point. For myself and other groups it's more a matter of letting them make money where they can and supply cheap resources, but at the same point not paying them the "big" money for development of badly needed low cost items like machinery and farm equipment. I'm working on a solar project myself and I limit myself to hardware store or salvageable materials, and some aluminum castings. Of course I still need to rely on companies to supply inexpensive electronics or rely on some funky mechanics(more expensive) to do certain things. Maybe someday I'll have an open source chip house or other electronics parts manufacturing off "the grid". I've learned the hard way several times that the economy of scale can kill or also make a project.
      I've even started growing my own timber bamboo to play with more natural materials, I already make my own solder flux from my own pine trees, and have a machine to create solder wire from scrap lead.
      Hope everyone is doing well and doing there own things too!

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