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16894Re: [multimachine] Solar Powered Steam Pump

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  • chris green
    Mar 16, 2013
      I haven't tried to contact them, but if the contact form doesn't lead anywhere, try the phone number listed on the News page.
      + 44 7815 617147 )



      They have another website at:

      That's probably a better avenue for contacting them...

      The received a grant and have set up production in Ethiopia.

      I notice that they say have decided to use 'modern synthetic materials' ( i.e., plastics) in order to reduce 'entrance condensation', which normally reduced the efficiency of a steam engine.  I'm pointing that out since there could be some criticism of the use of plastics.

      One possibility of this is that the condensed steam that comes from this device could be much more free of microbes, etc. Concentrated UV light could sterilize contaminated water quite quickly.
      That's a huge bonus....

      Now if we could find some kind of easily built cell to absorb things like arsenic, if arsenic is carried along in the steam... whoo-ee!
      (I got that idea from reading something at the ERE home page at Standford U this weekend. They are working on a new type of device to do something they are calling 'electrohydrogenation'. see:
      http://news.stanford.edu/news/2013/march/winter-gcep-awards-031113.html )


      Chris Green.

      From: Michael. Igbo <iyinbor@...>

      Sent: Saturday, March 16, 2013 1:04:39 AM
      Subject: Re: [multimachine] Solar Powered Steam Pump

      Good Tech. I have read about them few months back. I tried contacting them without success. Had anyone in the group be able to contact them?

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      On 2013-03-15, at 11:52 PM, chris green <hraefn_2@...> wrote:

      I came across this tonight: A solar powered steam pump is being developed to pump water.

      The machine is quite simple, and the target price for this is in the $250-$3000 range.

      Look under the Technical header for the How It Works heading, and check out the video on that page:


      The pump is designed to work on boreholes 2" in diameter, and up to about 15 meters/ 50' deep...

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