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1962Re: [multilit] EVO 2014 Call for Participation

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  • Vance Stevens
    Jan 11, 2014
      Thanks for your comments, Vanessa. The form page
      http://goodbyegutenberg.pbworks.com/w/page/61341560/participant_form is mainly to get some evidence that people are here (as well as to give us all some knowledge of who we are). Same for this Yahoo! Group. When people enroll we can see who's there, tally up another one, and have a conversation.  But as it's got with Webheads, we don't really know who is in that community any more because they don't necessarily sign up for the Yahoo! Group. We know they are there when they interact (and say they are one of us). So it is with MultiMOOC. We'll be a group whose members are versatile at interacting across numerous networks.

      Two networks I have my eye on at the moment are the Crafting the e-Perfect Textbook EVO session (already gone into MOOC status with 350 in the Google+ Community) and Dave Cormier's MOOC on Rhizomatic Learning, which I intend to connect with as a part of our session (if we're not in MOOC status we'll hitch to one) and which I am tracking here

      I listened to the Keynote you sent around.
      It's a good encapsulation of what Dave has been saying over the years, how he (and George Siemens) try to respond to the incredibly diverse needs of students they encounter by moving away from training focused on simple and complicated concepts to preparing them for dealing with chaotic and complex ones - and ending on how his building on rhizomatic learning has become a springboard with him in an era characterized by abundance of opportunities to learn and connect with other learners.

      More on that as we get going. I had a look at the MiraCosta link and was surprised that the POT courses did not have a link where they were obviously online. Thinking this quite odd, I went on to the FB group and found some interesting people there, Lisa Lane, Mary Rearick, Dave Cormier, yourself. So I joined of course, and I am beginning to see connections in this session between that FB group and Dave's MOOC, as well as on the evomlit community developed over the years, and of course with the present grouping, as we come together in our current MultiMOOC spaces.

      MultiMOOC sessions go for 5 weeks. The first week (next week) is orientation, where we stress the points we are making here.  The second week is for declaring, which means figuring out what you want from this session (which might mean, choose a MOOC you want to pursue) and tell us why you made that choice. Third week is for networking.  By then our syllabus has usually gone out the window as people cluster on whatever opportunities came before, and the last week is on focus and denouement.

      Along the way we have some interesting speakers and live sessions.  See the program here:


      On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 10:38 PM, Vanessa Crary Vaile <vcrary@...> wrote:


      None of the spaces on the form looked quite right to me for the designated course blog -- and I was just flipping a mental coin for some of them. as the categories don't fit what I am up to, which would make a good post and way to think through the difference in writing. I also need something updated and possibly brand new with a different approach to tie areas together.

      I'm interested in the POTcert intersection too. We've been going rhizomatic, using the Program FB group for intercession conversation -- described as:

      ...for participants in the Program for Online Teaching, a volunteer faculty-led professional development program run out of MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California. Online instructors from other colleges are welcome. See http://mccpot.org/wp for more information.

      Now to triangulate... A related topic xMOOC that looked interesting/tolerable would make another interesting point of comparison.

      Thanks for the great George in Tunisia video too... Dave in Fiji for UPS is another good one (I'm sharing links across all manner of platforms today... my new hobby -- found on G+ already shared on FB and I think blogged to MOOC Madness. Sometimes I lose track) http://www.usp.ac.fj/?id=14475&file=KeynoteAddress_Mr+Dave+Cornier


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