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Learning2gether with Minecraft and the Connecting Online Conference

This weekend, the 2016 rendition of the free online Connecting Online Conference starts shortly, Friday Feb 5 at 1400 UTC and runs though Sunday Feb 7 ending
Vance Stevens
Feb 5

Learning2gether with ICT4ELT Sunday Jan 31 1500 UTC

Hi all, Learning2gether have been delving into the world of Minecraft these past few weeks. Our event last week was a talk entitled Projects and challenges –
Vance Stevens
Jan 30

Learning2gether #312 Sunday 1900 UTC with Bron Stuckey on EVO Minecr

Greetings dear colleagues, On Sun Jan 24 1900 UTC #Learning2gether Episode 312 will take place with Bron Stuckey on Minecraft: Projects and challenges -
Vance Stevens
Jan 23

Learning2gether episode 311 meets Jeff Kuhn and EVO Minecraft MOOC S

Hi everyone, EVO Minecraft MOOC and #learning2gether are proud to announce Episode 311 will be a presentation by Jeff Kuhn entitled Minecraft: An Introduction
Vance Stevens
Jan 16

Learning2gether #309 with EVO for the next 5 weeks

Sun Jan 10 1400 UTC Learning2gether Episode 309 supports the EVO opening kick-off webcastathon hosted by Jeff Lebow, Mbarek Akaddar, Jose Antonio, Nellie
Vance Stevens
Jan 9

Re: Fw: new message

Hi all, Obviously, don't click on this link. Patricia looks like a legitimate member of the group but this is the second time we have received such a message,
Vance Stevens
Jan 8

Fw: new message

Hey! Open message patriciamellino@...
Jan 8

Happy New Year from Learning2gether and events from Jan 3 2016

Hi everyone, Learning2gether is happy to announce its next upcoming episode 308 with Benjamin Stewart on his Academic Writing Workshop for EFL/ESL educators On
Vance Stevens
Dec 31, 2015

Re: Fw: new message

Uh oh, a file ending in .php, meaning it carries a payload. Don't click on it! Vance On Thursday, December 24, 2015 5:41 PM, "patriciamellino@...
Vance Stevens
Dec 26, 2015

Learning2gether tomorrow about Blab.im with Maha Abdelmoneim

Hi everyone, This past week I archived two great sessions of Learning2gether, one an interview of me by Mika Mokko two weeks ago and the other a discussion of
Vance Stevens
Dec 25, 2015

Fw: new message

Hey! Open message patriciamellino@...
Dec 24, 2015

Learning2gether Episode 306 Sun Dec 20 1500 UTC about Shaping the Wa

Greetings dear colleagues, Learning2gether Episode 306 takes place this Sun Dec 20 at 1500 UTC. The topic is a discussion of the value of the Coursera courses,
Vance Stevens
Dec 18, 2015

Learning2gether Episodes 304 and 305 (and 306)

Hi everyone, I've just completed posting the archive of Learning2gether Episode 304 where Nellie Deutsch demonstrated the new Zoom video conference tool. Zoom
Vance Stevens
Dec 10, 2015

Learning2gether, EFL Magazine Online Teaching Summit, Nellie Deutsch

Greetings all, There are a number of treats posted at http://learning2gether.net/2015/11/29/learning2gether-with-moodle-mooc7/, mostly relating to the
Vance Stevens
Dec 5, 2015

Learning2gether Episode 303 Nov 22 in conjunction with Moodle MOOC 7

Dear colleagues, Learning2gether Episode 303 takes place this week in conjunction with Moodle MOOC 7. Vance Stevens has been presenting lately on gamification
Vance Stevens
Nov 26, 2015
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