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Re: Wise words from Jeff Lebow on screencasting and embedding .swf i

Ben, You are welcome to bring along other presenters. Please send names and a short blurb of what you think will happen, or you may write directly on the wiki
Vance Stevens
Aug 31

Re: Wise words from Jeff Lebow on screencasting and embedding .swf i

Vance, any objections if I invite a colleague of mine to join in on the discussion? We are both using Office 365, but in slightly different ways.
Aug 31

Wise words from Jeff Lebow on screencasting and embedding .swf in HT

I'm looking for a place to park this knowledge that comes to us courtesy of Jeff Lebow, in a conversation archived at ELTLive, http://eltlive.com/live/ More
Vance Stevens
Aug 31

Learning2gether Sunday 1900 UTC Bronwyn Stuckey Quest Hangout on Air

Dear Colleagues, This Sunday Aug 30 at 1900 UTC (a bit later in the day than usual) Learning2gether will be hosting Bron Stuckey, who will be telling us about
Vance Stevens
Aug 28

Learning2gether Sunday Aug 23 1500 UTC in Hangout on Air

Hi folks, On Sunday Aug 23, 1300 UTC, Jim Buckingham at Zayed University UAE will discuss with us about how his proposed Online PD Tutorials Project can be
Vance Stevens
Aug 22

Learning2gether HoA Sunday Aug 16 1400 UTC Phil Hubbard and Traci Ta

Hi everyone, On Sunday Aug 16, 1400 GMT, Phil Hubbard joins Vance Stevens to discuss how the team at CPI (Courseware Publishing International in Cupertino
Vance Stevens
Aug 14

Re: Learning2gether with iTDi and Moodle Moot MMVC15

Hi all, This is just a reminder that on Sunday Aug 9 at 1300 UTC #Learning2gether features Vance Stevens at the #mmvc15 conference
Vance Stevens
Aug 8

Learning2gether with iTDi and Moodle Moot MMVC15

Hi all, I've been enjoying a great vacation this past month with conference stops in Philadelphia and Tarragona, a son's wedding in Penang, and a few days R&R
Vance Stevens
Aug 4

Learning2gether this summer

Hi everyone, I'm on Penang where my son Dusty will have a wedding ceremony tomorrow. Last weekend before flying over here we experienced a wonderful 5 day
Vance Stevens
Jul 23

Learning2gether with Chris Fry last week and with the 30Goals free e

Hi everyone, I'm back in Al Ain now, arrived in UAE at dawn, drove home 2 hours, and slept till afternoon. As you probably know, while in Barcelona, I engaged
Vance Stevens
Jul 16

Learning2gether will be on Monday this next week

Hi all, Two posts were added last week at http://learning2gether.net, one a presentation I gave at the CALL Research Conference in Tarragona on July 6 on
Vance Stevens
Jul 9

Learning2gether summertime events this week

Hi everyone, I have just returned home to Al Ain from Philadelphia where I attended the ISTE conference there, and where my colleagues and I webcast the
Vance Stevens
Jul 3

Learning2gether this Sunday Jun 28 live from ISTE in Philadelphia

The semester has finally come to an end, and Dani Coelho, Nery Alvarado, Ellen Dougherty, and I (all colleagues at KBZ air college in Al Ain) are flying today
Vance Stevens
Jun 25

Learning2gether in June and July

Hi all This is just a quick message to let you know what's up with Learning2gether this summer. First of all, there is no L2g event per se this week. I'm
Vance Stevens
Jun 20

Learning2gether past June 7 and upcoming - David Winet on Oculus Rif

Last Sunday June 7, we made recordings of Learning2gether with me previewing my contribution to #iste2015 on Teaching Writing on iPad and Mobile Devices using
Vance Stevens
Jun 12
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