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Learning2gether for 1400 GMT Sunday, Earth Day preview Hi everyone, Earth Day April 22 is being celebrated again this year in the Worldbridges community, see http://earthbridges.net/Earthcast2014-Schedule This
Vance Stevens
10:31 AM
Learning2gether resumes after conference and short break [?]Hi everyone, I'm back from break now and set to be hard at work from now to July. I've got all the recording links up at the archive of TESOL 2014 and I'm
Vance Stevens
Apr 12
Learning2gether this coming week. lots going on Hi everyone, I've put two posts up at http://learning2gether.net from TESOL in Portland. The first has links to recordings in Elluminate and links to pages
Vance Stevens
Apr 3
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Webcasting from TESOL Portland March 27, 28, 29 and Virtual Round Ta Hi all, It's dawn of day 2 Friday March 28 at the international TESOL conference in Portland Oregon and Learning2gether and CALL-IS are streaming live via Bb
Vance Stevens
Mar 28
Learning2gether with TESOL Portland and etc. Greetings from UAE, This Sunday and next I will be traveling to and from Portland, Oregon, USA to take part in the annual International TESOL Conference March
Vance Stevens
Mar 22
Re: Learning2gether about iPads, Hangouts, and Poetry Hi, just a reminder about the poetry part of this message, from http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32206114/volunteersneeded#Nextupcomingevents Sun Mar
Vance Stevens
Mar 15
Learning2gether about iPads, Hangouts, and Poetry Hi everyone. For the past two Sundays we have been Learning2gether about rolling out iPads. Our last chat with downloadable mp3 and YouTube recording, plus
Vance Stevens
Mar 13
Learning2gether March 9, 1400 GMT: Putting a little more thought int Hi folks, We have another week with nothing in particular on the program for Learning2gether this Sunday. Last week we were taken by surprise by the shortening
Vance Stevens
Mar 7
Learning2gether weekly event Sunday - The iPads are coming, HELP :-) Hi everyone, I'm waking up on a Saturday here in Al Ain UAE making my usual announcement for Learning2gether Sundays. In fact, I'm sitting in Adobe Connect
Vance Stevens
Mar 1
Learning2gether about reflections on EVO, MultiMOOC, and taking part Hi everyone, This Sun Feb 23 1400 GMT - Vance Stevens and Jim Buckingham talk about MultiMOOC: What was that all about? (and about the elephant in the fire
Vance Stevens
Feb 22
EVO 2014 closing open mic Sunday Feb 16 1400-1600 GMT This is a reminder that on Sun Feb 16 1400 to 1600 GMT there is a Live webcast where participants in the Electronic Village Online EVO2014 sessions are invited
Vance Stevens
Feb 15
Week FIVE already? Dear MultiMOOC participants, I've had a great time in MultiMOOC so far. We've had an excellent set of speakers, all recorded and archived at
Vance Stevens
Feb 10
Vance Stevens at EVO ICT4ELT event 1300 GMT Tuesday Feb 11 At 1300 GMT Tuesday Feb 11 Vance Stevens presents on "Once a Webhead, always a Webhead," An Electronic Village Online event for Week 5 in the MultiMOOC EVO
Vance Stevens
Feb 10
Learning2gether with Jozef Colpaert at 1400 GMT Sunday Feb 9 Hi everyone, I've posted on various Googe+ Communities and Facebook groups that on Sun Feb 9 1400 GMT Jozef Colpaert discusses 12 CALL Challenges in an event
Vance Stevens
Feb 8
Badges Hello everyone, I thought I could share the following link where British Council sort of funded/organized a project related to badges which could be used in
Feb 3
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From network to cluster, Week 3 becomes Week 4 Hi dear MultiMOOCers, This email is to acknowledge the transition of Week 3 into Week 4 in EVO MultiMOOC. The berry bushes are bursting with berries and
Vance Stevens
Feb 3
Learning together with Ali Bostancioglu in streamed hangout, startin Hi everyone, My mindset must be shifting to Google+ Communities because I just now noticed I did not announce on Yahoo! Groups as I usually do this Sunday's
Vance Stevens
Feb 2
Week 2 becomes Week 3 in MultiMOOC Hi everyone, We are just entering Week 3 in MultiMOOC. There is not much interaction going on in the spaces we have set out for the MultiMOOC EVO session but
Vance Stevens
Jan 27
learning2gether and EVO + MultiMOOC events coming up Hi everyone, this is just a reminder that upcoming events for EVO and MultiMOOC are in the queue at
Vance Stevens
Jan 25
Re: Welcome to Week 2 - How to DECLARE in MultiMOOC Thanks for chiming in here Ali, I am relaxing after a week when classes started where I work, so I'm getting a little less sleep these days. Still I managed to
Jan 23
Re: Welcome to Week 2 - How to DECLARE in MultiMOOC Hello everyone, I guess it is a busy week for everyone as I did not see any posts apart from the Moderators :) As a comment to what Vance has been discussion
Jan 23
Welcome to Week 2 - How to DECLARE in MultiMOOC Dear participants in MultiMOOC EVO, Congratulations on surviving Week 1 of EVO, in however many sessions you are experiencing, and if you are following my
Vance Stevens
Jan 20
Re: :: TALO :: EVO online sessions, Learning2gether, and MultiMOOC I'm sorry but the google announcment of this event was set to an hour early, as shown, It starts at 1400 GMT
Vance Stevens
Jan 19
EVO online sessions, Learning2gether, and MultiMOOC EVO online sessions, Learning2gether, and MultiMOOC: How are these online entities interlinked? MultiMOOC is an EVO session. EVO is taking place now until Feb
Vance Stevens
Jan 18
Re: Week 1 Day 2 Jan 14 an important day in MultiMOOC Thanks, Maria, for replying to my post and for sharing your work across EVO sessions with MultiMOOC. And thanks especially for mentioning us in your blog post
Jan 17
(no subject) These strategies include managing, processing, and interpreting a constant influx of information, filtering what is useful, and then enhancing the learning
Lamberto Richard
Jan 15
Re: Week 1 Day 2 Jan 14 an important day in MultiMOOC Hi all! I have been quite busy trying to keep up with the assignments for this week in the sessions I registeres and I thought I might share with you the blog
Jan 15
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Re: Introductions Hello everyone, My name is Ali Bostancioglu. I am one of the moderators for this session. I am sorry I have not been very active recently. But, I will be
Jan 15
Week 1 Day 2 Jan 14 an important day in MultiMOOC Greetings everyone, It's lunchtime in UAE now but for those of you waking up in the Western Hemisphere, today is an active day in MultiMOOC. First of all,
Vance Stevens
Jan 14
Re: Hello again This led to a long conversation between Zulfihan and I. Perhaps others have similar questions? multimodality is different from multiliteracies.  Multimodality
Vance Stevens
Jan 13
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