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Recordings over past week from Spring Blog Festival and TESOL Toront

Hi folks, As you know many of us on this list have convened at the TESOL Conference in Toronto this week. I've given three presentations so far and have
Vance Stevens
Mar 28

Re: Learning2gether with Spring Blog Festival and TESOL Toronto

Correction, my presentation is at 1800 GMT not 1600. Stephen Downes's is at 2000 GMT. The times are given correctly at http://tinyurl.com/learning2gether. and
Vance Stevens
Mar 20

Learning2gether with Spring Blog Festival and TESOL Toronto

Hi everyone, The recording for our last learning2gether session is up at
Vance Stevens
Mar 20

Learning2gether events just past and upcoming

Hi everyone, Thanks so much to Elizabeth Anne for showing us a neat trick in using pbworks to correct student compositions and provide feedback in green and
Vance Stevens
Mar 10

Yet another Learning2gether Sunday

Hi all, Our Learning2gether event last weekend almost didn't happen but when it did come off it seems to have resonated with the people who were there. Kara
Vance Stevens
Mar 6

Learning2gether for Sunday March 1

Hi folks, I went out on a dive boat on Friday with all intents to return to port the same day but got caught out by bad weather and got stranded overnight in a
Vance Stevens
Feb 28

Learning2gether Sunday Feb 22 1400 GMT about moderating BbCollaborat

Greetings, Learning2gether this Sunday Feb 22 1400 GMT will be about moderating Bb Collaborate. This will be an introduction and refresher to Blackboard
Vance Stevens
Feb 21

EVO Wrap-up today from 1400 to 1600 GMT

Hi all, Nina Liakos and Jeff Lebow and I are coordinating today the wrap-up event for EVO2015 http://evosessions.pbworks.com In case you didn't know,
Vance Stevens
Feb 15

Learning2gether with CO15 and last week of EVO2015

Hi folks, I'm listening to presentations at the Connecting Online 2015 conference as we speak. I've put links to the CO15 schedule and how you can access the
Vance Stevens
Feb 6

Learning2gether this week and last

Hi all, Just getting in off a long weekend to report on what we've been up to in Learning2gether. Last week we had an 11 year old presenter and his mom, the
Vance Stevens
Jan 31

Learning2gether with EVO Minecraft MOOC and Snake Gaming, Jan 25 HoA

Hi everyone, I recently posted at http://learning2gether.net/2015/01/18/learning2gether-with-tom-robb-and-mreader/ the downloadable mp3 and YouTube recording
Vance Stevens
Jan 24

Learning2gether with EVO and special guest TOM ROBB talking about mR

Hi all, Many of us have been quite busy with EVO at http://evosessions.pbworks.com this past week. Accordingly we had our EVO kickoff event with EVO lead
Vance Stevens
Jan 16

Welcome to EVO Minecraft MOOC livestreamed event Wed Jan 14 1400 GMT

Hi folks, EVO has started full swing now and oddly there have been no posts on this list about it. I'd like to get the ball rolling with an invitation. All
Vance Stevens
Jan 13

Learning2gether this coming Sunday with EVO 2015 launching ceremony

On Sun Jan 11 starting at 1400 GMT Learning2gether is helping host the annual EVO Kickoff Webcast with Nina Liakos and Vance Stevens. At this event, EVO2015
Vance Stevens
Jan 9

Re: Learning2gether with Teresa Almeida d'Eca - Google, a world with

Hi all, We have decided to do this event as a Hangout on Air All are welcome to join us Jan 4, 2015 1400 GMT for Learning2gether with Teresa Almeida d'Eca -
Vance Stevens
Jan 3
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