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Learning2gether 360 on the EVO Minecraft MOOC Community (today)

Hi everyone, Friday February 3, at 1700 UTC, Vance Stevens and Jeff Kuhn, two co-moderators of EVO Minecraft MOOC, present EVO Minecraft MOOC: Third time
Vance Stevens
Feb 3

Learning2gether turns 358 this week

Today, Sat Jan 21, at 1500 UTC #Learning2gether episode 358 will attempt a special treat, streaming from Minecraft using Discord for voice. This is planned as
Vance Stevens
Jan 21

Happy New Year and what's happening in 2017 from Learning2gether and

Hi everyone, Learning2gether wrapped up 2016 with episode 355 initiated by Ayat Tawel and Hanaa Khamis when they explained to NileTESOL LTSIG members via Bb
Vance Stevens
Jan 5

Learning2gether #354

Hi everyone, Sorry for the late notice but today, Sun Dec 4 at 1400 UTC David Winet joins Learning2gether episode 354 to explain and discuss with us his latest
Vance Stevens
Dec 3, 2016

Learning2gether Monday Nov 27 and December

Hi everyone, This is just to let you know that the 353rd almost-weekly episode of Learning2gether will take place tomorrow Mon Nov 28 at 1400 as a part of
Vance Stevens
Nov 27, 2016

Re: Reminder: Call for Proposals for the Electronic Village and Tech

Reprieve! The deadline HAS been extended to Nov 22. Proposals for Technology Fair and Developers' Showcase are especially being sought. Hope you can take
Vance Stevens
Nov 15, 2016

Re: Learning2gether agenda these days

Thank you for keeping us in the loop, Vance. Warm wishes, Dr. Nellie Deutsch Education Technology & Leadership Coach Academic Mentorship
Dr. Nellie Muller Deutsch
Nov 12, 2016

Learning2gether agenda these days

Hi all, Learning2gether has been quiet with notices to this list lately but that's because with loss of Hangouts on Air as we knew them in September I've been
Vance Stevens
Nov 12, 2016

Reminder: Call for Proposals for the Electronic Village and Technolo

Greetings all, The idea of extending the deadline on this CfP has been mooted, but at present the Nov 15 deadline remains. This is an excellent opportunity to
Vance Stevens
Nov 11, 2016

Learning2gether is back with Susan Hillyard this Sunday Oct 9 1400 U

Hi everyone, Learning2gether never really went away. In UAE we have been blessed with multiple holidays since summer time which have interfered with the
Vance Stevens
Oct 5, 2016

What's up with HoA - Learning2gether 342 Sun Aug 28 1400 UTC

Hi all, According to https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7083786, Google has announced that Hangouts on Air will no longer function as such after Sept
Vance Stevens
Aug 27, 2016

Re: Learning2gether this August

Just a reminder, #Learning2gether episode 341, a conversation with Alexander Hayes talking about "The Null Hypothesis: On Country, Cyborgs and the
Aug 11, 2016

Learning2gether this August

Hi all, I decided to go on a real holiday in July which meant that I took my first real summer break from any pressing duties at Learning2gether since 2010.
Vance Stevens
Aug 5, 2016

Learning2gether in July and August

Hi everyone, July was a holiday month for me and my family and I decided to take a break from Learning2gether and much else besides and focus on personal and
Vance Stevens
Jul 30, 2016

Learning2gether about BrimEng archived - next up, Globinar Monday Mo

Hi all, Learning2gether in the guise of yours truly is flying out on holiday today, which is why there is no Learning2gether scheduled this Sunday. However,
Vance Stevens
Jul 2, 2016
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