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  • Jose M. Vidal
    Monthly MultiAgent.com news for Tue Aug 15 05:17:24 2000 Latest news ... IJSEKE Call for Papers The International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 15, 2000
      Monthly MultiAgent.com news for Tue Aug 15 05:17:24 2000

      Latest news

      IJSEKE Call for Papers
      The International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge
      Engineering (IJSEKE) will be publishing a special issue on "Multi-agent
      Systems and Mobile Agents". Papers are due 31 January 2001. There is also
      a special issue on Virtual Organizations and E-commerce from the Journal
      of Applied Systems Studies, papers due 1 November 2000.

      Peer-to-Peer File Sharing with Micropayments
      This is a Wired news article that talks about a proposed system for
      peer-to-peer filesharing which will incorporate the use of
      micropayments, down to one thounsand's of a cent, referral webs and a reputation
      system. The system, dubbed Mojo Nation software, is available at
      SourceForge and is being developed by Autonomous Zone Industries, headed by Jim
      McCoy. "McCoy's goal is nothing if not ambitious: to create the first
      file-sharing economy of agents, servers, and search engines in which
      senders and receivers can agree on prices for each transaction and use
      micropayments to get paid".

      Latest directory additions

      Developing Intelligent Agents for Distributed Systems : Exploring Architecture, Technologies, and Applications
      Published in 1997 "This book clearly explains the programming of
      agents for improving user interfaces, for improving the performance and
      usability of LANS and WANS, for managing mail, and even for assisting in
      the development of other software! In addition, the book provides a
      rundown on the applicable standards, such as CORBA and OLE, essential
      background on the technologies that make agents possible,
      including artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, and object technology." I
      have not read it, but it sounds useful.

      Growing Artificial Societies : Social Science from the Bottom Up
      In this book, published in 1996, Joshua Epstien and Robert Axtell
      detail their experiences with their social simulator program: Sugarscape.
      Based on a metaphor of "ants" on a two-dimensional grid that can move,
      use simple communications, and reproduce, the authors show the emergence
      of patterns which are reminiscent of combat, trade, pollution,
      migration, etc. See also the Sugarscape homepage.

      the Agentry
      This website has software and information related to animated user
      interface agents, for microsoft windows. A lot of UI agents are
      available for download.

      International Workshop on Web Dynamics 2001
      (WebDyn 2001) To be held in conjunction with the 8th International
      Conference on Database Theory in London, UK on 3 January 2001. Papers
      due 14 October 2000.

      International Workshop on Agent Based Cluster and Grid Computing
      Part of the IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and
      the Grid (CGrid'2001). To be held May 16 - 18, 2001 in Brisbane,
      Australia . Papers due 20 February 2001. " Like an electrical power grid, the
      Grid will aim to provide a steady, reliable source of computing power."
      Cool idea.

      Cougaar Agent Architecture
      The Cognitive Agent Architecture (COUGAAR) is an open source agent
      architecture for large-scale multiagent systems. It implements aognitive
      model of human thinking and interaction. This cognitive model attempts
      to emulate the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment,
      reasoning and decision making. The architecture utilizes a hybrid task and
      data representation of cognition to represent complex, dynamic plans. This
      architecture also supports fine-grained information management, dynamic
      task allocation, data fusion, and execution based replanning and
      assessment. It is written in Java.

      News from the www.MultiAgent.com website.
      Edited by Jose M. Vidal.
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