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Final Call for EDOC 2013 Workshop Proposals

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    EDOC 2013 Call for Workshop Proposals The 17th IEEE International EDOC Conference (EDOC 2013) Vancouver, BC, Canada September 9-13, 2013
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      EDOC 2013 Call for Workshop Proposals
      The 17th IEEE International EDOC Conference (EDOC 2013)
      Vancouver, BC, Canada
      September 9-13, 2013

      Register for EDOC2013 event at LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/VBIHWK
      Follow EDOC2013 at Twitter: https://twitter.com/ieee_edoc

      Following the tradition of previous conferences, EDOC 2013 plans to host
      a number of workshops alongside the main conference. The workshops will
      provide a collaborative forum for a group of typically 15 to 30
      participants to exchange recent and/or preliminary results, to conduct
      intensive discussions on a particular topic, or to coordinate efforts
      between representatives of a technical community. They are intended as a
      forum for lively discussion of innovative ideas, recent progress, or
      practical. Each workshop should provide a balanced distribution of its
      time for both presentation of papers and discussions. We encourage
      prospective workshop organizers to submit proposals for
      highly-interactive workshops focusing on areas related to enterprise
      computing in general. Both research-oriented and applied topics are

      Important Dates

      Workshop Proposal Deadline: December 10th, 2012
      Workshop Proposal Notification: Dec 23rd, 2012

      Workshop Proposal Guidelines

      Your proposal document must contain the following information:

      1. General Information
      Workshop title
      Organizers and primary contact (name/affiliation/email)
      Abstract (200 words), intended for the EDOC 2013 web site

      2. Objectives and Scope
      Intended audience
      Relevance (in particular to the EDOC community)
      Context (any past events related to your workshop including related
      conferences, previous workshops, previous sessions, and previous
      experience of the current organizers)
      Need (comments in favor of your application; if your workshop was at
      EDOC'12 or any of the former conferences, why is it useful to run
      it again?)

      3. Organization Details
      Details on the organizers (150 words max), including relevant past
      experience in workshop organization
      Workshop program committee (indicated as finalized or expected)
      Would you be willing to merge your workshop with other workshops on a
      similar topic if this were a condition for hosting your workshop at

      4. Workshop Format (Please note: Your workshop must adhere to the common
      deadlines specified below)
      Intended paper format
      Evaluation process
      Intended publication of accepted papers (printed proceedings or
      Intended workshop format (including duration, number of
      presentations, and planned keynotes)
      How many participants do you expect (please make at least an educated
      What kind of equipment do you need (e.g., data projector, computer,

      5. Additional Material
      Workshop web page (URL of the draft web page, if one exists)
      Draft Call for papers for the Workshop (a one page Call for Papers
      that you intend to send out if your workshop is accepted)

      In order to ensure a proper coordination with the deadlines of the
      main conference, the following constraints have to be respected by
      the accepted workshops and the exact dates will be communicated
      with the chairs of the accepted workshops:

      - Workshop Website and CFP Dissemination: TBA
      - Workshop Paper Submission Deadline: TBA
      - Workshop Paper Notification to Authors: TBA
      - Workshop Dates: TBA

      Please note that the above dates, when provided, will be common across
      all workshops. These are the internal dates for your workshop. The
      actual deadline for submitting a workshop proposal is December 10th,


      Please ensure that you adhere to the above workshop proposal guidelines
      providing all requested information using at most six pages. In
      addition, please provide a one page draft of your planned Call for
      Papers to the proposal (not included in the six pages).

      Submit your workshop proposal electronically in PDF using the Springer
      LNCS style. The proposal must be submitted as a PDF file to [Sylvain


      Workshop papers will be published in a second volume of the EDOC 2013
      conference proceedings. Details will be communicated to the organizers
      of accepted workshops at the time of notification.

      Workshop Committee Chairs

      - Sylvain Halle (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi - shalle@...)
      - Ebrahim Bagheri (Ryerson University – bagheri@...)

      For further information, please send an email to the workshop committee
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