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[AAMAS-10] Final Call for Papers

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  • Jordi Sabater Mir
    ***** Final Call for Papers-AAMAS 2010 ***** The 9th International Conference on Agents and Multi Agent Systems Conference: http://www.cse.yorku.ca/AAMAS2010/
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009
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      ***** Final Call for Papers-AAMAS 2010 *****

      The 9th International Conference on Agents and Multi Agent Systems
      Conference: http://www.cse.yorku.ca/AAMAS2010/
      Submissions: http://www.aamas2010.confmaster.net
      Toronto, Canada

       Important dates:
      Conference:                                      May 10 - 14, 2010
      Electronic Abstract Submission:        October 8, 2009
      Full Paper Submission:                      October 13, 2009
      Author Notification:                           December 18, 2009

      Collocated with KR2, NMR, ICAPS, FOIS, (all in Toronto) and DL 2010
      (in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)


      AAMAS-2010 seeks high-quality submissions of full papers, limited to 8
      pages in length. Submissions will be rigorously peer reviewed and
      evaluated on the basis of originality, soundness, significance,
      presentation, understanding of the state of the art, and overall
      quality of their technical contribution. Reviews will be double blind;
      authors must avoid including anything that can be used to identify
      them. Where submission is for full (8 page) papers only, in some
      cases they may be accepted as 2 page extended abstracts For formatting
      instructions and a list of keywords, please refer to the conference

      In addition to submissions in the main track, AAMAS is soliciting
      papers in two special tracks on robotics, and on virtual agents (see
      below). The review process for the special tracks will be the same as
      for the main track, but with specially-selected program committee

      Special Track on Robotics (Chair: Michael Beetz):
      Papers on theory and applications concerning single and multiple
      robots will be welcome, namely those focusing on real robots
      interacting with their surrounding environments. The goal is to foster
      interaction between researchers on agent and robotics systems, so as
      to provide a cradle for cross-fertilization of concepts from both

      Special Track on Virtual Agents (Chair: Stacy Marsella):
      Virtual agents are embodied agents in interactive virtual or physical
      environments that emulate human-like behavior. We encourage papers on
      the design, implementation, and evaluation of virtual agents as well
      as challenging applications featuring them. The goal is to provide an
      opportunity for interaction and cross-fertilization between the AAMAS
      community and researchers working on virtual agents and to strengthen
      links between the two communities.


          General Chairs:  Michael Luck and Sandip Sen
          Program Chairs:  Wiebe van der Hoek and Gal A. Kaminka
          Local Organization Chair: Yves Lesperance

      A list of the other members of the AAMAS-2010 Organizing Committee, a
      list of Senior PC members and an updated list of keywords may be found at


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