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    This message is cross-posted to several lists. Apologies for possible duplicate postings. Please distribute freely
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      This message is cross-posted to several lists. Apologies for possible
      duplicate postings. Please distribute freely


      The Fourth International Conference On
      Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services

      10-12 September 2002

      Bandung, Indonesia.

      Organized by
      Bandung Institute of Technology - Indonesia,
      National University of Singapore - Singapore
      Utrecht University - The Netherlands.

      Conference Website: http://iiwas.comp.nus.edu.sg

      Aims and Scope

      At the core of the information revolution brought by the Web is the
      to effectively and efficiently share and exchange information
      virtually with
      anyone anytime anywhere. Yet, it is very hard to keep up to date with
      ever-increasing sophistication of the tools and techniques available
      at the
      dawn of the 21st century for building the future information society.
      Industrial, commercial, educational, and information society
      and organizations whose activities rely more and more on information
      technology cannot afford to ignore the latest technological and
      infra-structural development and trends of the Internet. Business to
      consumer, business to business, and business to government
      business intelligence, decision support at every level of the
      enterprise are
      conducted competitively only when they tap into the information
      offered by the world wide web and when they leverage the latest tools
      techniques available.

      IIWAS2002 aims to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of
      and information by researchers, students, and professionals on the
      and challenges brought on by Internet technology for the intelligent
      integration of information.

      Topics of Interest

      The conference solicits full-length research or position papers. The
      below is a suggested, but not necessarily exhaustive, list of topics
      interest and relevance to the conference.

      1. Information Systems Integration
      · Schema and Data Integration
      · Data Integration and Enterprise Security
      · Distributed Component Architectures
      · Metadata Management
      · Transaction and Query Processing in Distributed Information Systems
      · Integration Architectures
      · Mobile Web Information Systems Integration
      · Case Studies

      2. Web Engineering and Web Applications
      · Internet & Web-based Systems
      · Web-Based Applications
      · Enterprise Security
      · Data Intensive Applications on the Web
      · XML and Semi-structured Data Management
      · Web as Database versus Web as Documents
      · Digital Libraries
      · E-Government
      · Agent Based Information Systems
      · E-Learning
      · Web Information System Environment and Foundations
      · Data and Knowledge Engineering
      · Applications

      3. E-commerce and M-business
      · E-commerce Architectures
      · Online Payment
      · Agent Mediated E-Commerce
      · Trading & Auctioning Systems
      · Mobile Commerce Models and Architectures
      · Business Models for M-Business Applications
      · Mobile Internet access
      · Multimedia applications in E-Commerce
      · E-Commerce framework & applications
      · Intelligent agents
      · EDI & XML
      · Data mining
      · Business intelligence
      · Electronic brokerage
      · Electronic negotiation
      · On-line auction
      · Industry applications

      4. Intelligent Data and Information Retrieval
      · Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
      · Multi/Cross-Lingual Data and Information Retrieval
      · Multi-modal and Multimedia Data and Information Management
      · Spatial and Temporal Data and Information Management
      · Web Information Management
      · Web Information Retrieval
      · Web Mining and Farming


      The conference will consist of:
      · Invited talks
      · Peer reviewed technical program
      · Demos, short papers, and posters
      · Tutorials
      · Panels
      · Invited sessions on the same or related topics
      · Industrial presentations and demos
      · Exhibitions

      Submission Guidelines

      Authors are requested to register the abstract of their papers by May
      2002 and to submit the full paper electronically before June 4, 2002.
      paper registration and electronic submission please use the conference
      website (http://iiwas.comp.nus.sg). The procedure for submission will
      provided at the due time.
      The length of the paper should not exceed 12 pages for full papers
      and 5
      pages for short papers, demos, and posters. Papers must be formatted
      in A4
      with Time fonts of size 11. The printing area should be 14.66 x
      Each submission should include the full paper (title, authors,
      abstract, and
      text), as well as a separate title page (title, a 300-400 word
      with authors names, affiliations, and email addresses).
      Submissions should be in PDF v.4 formats.
      Submitted papers will be carefully evaluated based on originality,
      significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition. All
      conference papers would be published by ITB press.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us at iiwas2002@... if
      have difficulties formatting your paper.

      Proposals for Panels, Tutorials and Invited sessions

      The conference also solicits proposals for panels, tutorials and
      sessions on the same or related topics.
      Proposals should include a two-page description and motivation for
      the topic
      of the tutorial, panel, or invited session, the full name (s) and the
      contact information of the tutorial speakers, panelists, invited
      organizers, a concise description of the contents, and goals of the
      tutorial, panel, or invited session.
      Proposals should be submitted by April 1, 2002 by email to
      (iiwas2002@...). The program committee will give
      notification of
      acceptance by May 1, 2002.

      Important Dates

      April 1, 2002: Proposals for panels, tutorials, invited sessions due

      May 1, 2002: Abstracts Submissions due

      June 4, 2002: Paper Submissions Due

      July 14, 2002: Notice of Acceptance/Rejection

      August 1, 2002: Online Pre-Registration Starts

      August 7, 2002: Camera-Ready Papers Due

      September 10-12, 2002: Conference


      Conference Chair
      Ibrahim, Ismail Khalil - Utrecht University, The Netherlands

      Program Chair
      Bressan, Stephane - National University of Singapore, Singapore

      Program Committee
      Amous, Ikram - IRIT-SIG, France
      Aragao, Veruska R. - University of Manchester, UK
      Arikawa, Masatoshi - University of Tokyo, Japan
      Ashari, Ahmad - Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
      Bakker, Johannes Albertus - Delft University of Technology, The
      Bhargava, Bharat K. - Purdue University, USA
      Bi, Yaxin - The University of Edinburgh, UK
      Bin, David Lan - Microsoft Corp., USA
      Bonnet, Philippe - Cornell University, USA
      Braz, Maria Helena - Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
      Carrillo, Eduardo - Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, Colombia
      Catania , Barbara - University of Genova, Italy
      Cruz, Isabel F. - University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
      Dang, Tran Khanh - Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria
      Daniel, Debby Ratna - Airlangga University, Indonesia
      Dastani, Mehdi - Utrecht University, The Netherlands
      Davison, Andrew - Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
      De Antonellis, Valeria - University of Brescia, Italy
      Dignum, Frank P.M. - Utrecht University, The Netherlands
      Dignum, Virginia - Utrecht University, The Netherlands
      Djunaidy, Arif - Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia
      Do, Nam Chul - Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute,
      Dobbie, Gillian - University of Auckland, New Zealand
      Düsterhöft, Antje - University of Wismar, Germany
      Fahmi, Ismail - Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
      Fong, Joseph - City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
      Fongen, Anders - Norwegian School of Information Technology, Norway
      Hadjiefthymiades, Stathes - University of Athens, Greece
      Hasibuan, Zainal A. - University of Indonesia, Indonesia
      Hendrawan, - Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
      Heuser, Carlos A. - Federal University, Brazil
      Hutchinson, Damien - Deakin University, Australia
      Indrajit, Richardus Eko - Perbanas School of Computing and Information
      System, Indonesia
      Jonkers, Henk - Telematica Instituut, The Netherlands
      Kalinichenko, Leonid A. - Russian Academy of Science, Russia
      Kawano, Hiroyuki - Kyoto University, Japan
      Kisworo, Marsudi Wahyu - University of Paramadina, Indonesia
      Kustov, Andrei L. - First Hop Ltd, Finland
      Kuswara, Revi - Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
      Lacroix, Zoe - Arizona State University, USA
      Lee, Thomas - University of Pennsylvania, USA
      Lekova, Anna - Institute of Control and System Research (ICSR),
      Lestari, Tita - University of Education, Bandung, Indonesia
      Ling, Tok Wang - National University of Singapore, Singapore
      Lopes, Eurico Ribeiro - Instituto Politecnico C.Branco, Portugal
      Madnick, Stuart E. - MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
      Madria, Sanjay Kumar - University of Missouri-Rolla, USA
      Manandhar, Suman Kumar - Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
      Mayr, Heinrich C. - eBusiness Institute, University of Klagenfurt,
      Metais, Elisabeth - CEDRIC/CNAM of Paris, France
      Mohania, Mukesh - IBM India Research Lab, India
      Mohoric, Tomaz - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
      Müller Volker - Duta Wacana University, Indonesia
      Nugroho, Lukito Edi - Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
      Oleshchuk, Vladimir - Agder University College, Norway
      Orlowska, Maria E. - The University of Queensland, Australia
      Papadakis, John - University of Piraeus, Greece
      Pernul, Guenther - University of Essen, Germany
      Powers, David M. W. - The Flinders University of South Australia,
      Prestwich, Steven - University College Cork, Ireland
      Proell, Birgit - Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria
      Ramakrishna, M. V. - Monash University, Australia
      Raschid, Louiqa - University of Maryland, USA
      Retschitzegger, Werner - Vienna University of Technology, Austria
      Revell, Norman - Middlesex University, UK
      Robin, Jacques - Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
      Sadananda, Ramakoti - Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
      Sagara, Takeshi - The University of Tokyo, Japan
      Sametinger, Johannes - Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria
      Schrefl, Michael - Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria
      Schwinger, Wieland - Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria
      Smadhi, Saliha - University of Pau, France
      Srinivasan, Bala - Monash University, Australia
      Subramanya, S.R - University of Missouri-Rolla, USA
      Tagg, Roger Martin - University of South Australia, Australia
      Tjoa, A Min - Technical University of Vienna, Austria
      Vega, Vinsensius Berlian - National University of Singapore, Singapore
      Vreeswijk, Gerard A.W. - Utrecht University, The Netherlands
      Wagner, Roland - Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria
      Weippl, Edgar - Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria
      Winiwarter, Werner - University of Vienna, Austria
      Wiza, Wojciech Rus - The Poznan University of Economics, Poland
      Wolf, Andreas - NorCom Information Technology AG, Germany
      Yoshie, Osamu - Waseda University, Japan

      Conference Site
      iiWAS2002 will take place in the beautiful city of Bandung -
      Bandung, City of Flowers, is the provincial capital of West Java and
      Indonesia' s third largest city. Known in colonial times as
      the "Paris of
      Java" because of its European ambiance and sophistication, and
      situated on a
      plateau in the beautiful Parahayangan mountains, Bandung's pleasant
      and lush surroundings have offered an escape from the heat of the
      since the mid 19th century when it was the heart of the region's most
      prosperous plantation area. Host to the historic Asia Africa
      conference in
      1955, Bandung is now a center of higher education, commerce and
      industry, which despite its modern amenities still retains much of its
      colonial era charm.

      You will find more travel, accommodation, social program, and tourist
      information on the conference website. The official language of
      iiWAS2002 is

      Contact Information
      For further inquiries please contact:

      Dr. Ismail Khalil Ibrahim (Conference Chairman)

      Utrecht University
      Institute of Information and Computing Sciences
      PO Box 80.089
      3508TB Utrecht
      The Netherlands

      Tel.: +31 - 30 - 253 4432
      Fax: +31 - 30 - 251 3791
      Email: ismail@...
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