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PhD Scholarship (Trust and Reputation) at IIIA-CSIC, Barcelona

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  • Tomas Klos
    please distribute to potentially interested students. Thank you very much. kind regards, Tomas Klos. -- Tomas Klos Computational Intelligence and Multi-Agent
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2006
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      please distribute to potentially interested students.
      Thank you very much.

      kind regards, Tomas Klos.

      Tomas Klos
      Computational Intelligence and Multi-Agent Games
      CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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      PhD Scholarships at IIIA-CSIC, Barcelona

      The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA)
      offers one four-year PhD scholarship for students
      pursuing a full-time PhD degree in Artificial
      Intelligence in the area of multiagent systems,
      specifically on the field of computational trust and
      reputation models.

      The IIIA belongs to the Spanish Scientific Research
      Council (CSIC), Spain’s largest public institution
      devoted to research and technological development. The
      IIIA is a leading research centre in Europe in the
      areas of multiagent systems (Prof. Carles Sierra),
      machine learning (Prof. Ramon López de Mántaras), and
      uncertainty reasoning (Prof. Francesc Esteva and Prof.
      Lluís Godo). It attracts funding from the European,
      Spanish, and regional governments and has substantial
      collaborative research projects with industry. The
      IIIA is located in the campus of the Autonomous
      University of Barcelona (UAB) and leads the
      university’s doctoral studies in artificial


      Candidates are required to have a high-quality degree
      in Computer Science (or have completed equivalent
      qualifications), have good communication skills in
      English, and be able to demonstrate strong motivation
      to conduct research.


      The annual stipend is 14,000 EUR plus health
      insurance. In addition, generous allowances are given
      to support presentation of work at international
      conferences and to attend seminars and tutorials.

      Scholarships are conditional on satisfactory progress,
      which is reviewed every six months.

      Start date

      The start date is 1 April 2006. However, it may be
      possible to start later than this depending on the
      candidates’ circumstances (for example, students
      finishing their degree next June 2006)


      Please fill out the web application form at
      www.iiia.csic.es/scholarships/form.html with

      * your personal data,
      * a short statement, in English, of why you are
      interested in joining IIIA-CSIC,
      * name and contact information of one or two persons
      who are willing to provide confidential academic

      At the same time you will be required to upload a
      zip-file containing, in PDF or MS-Word format,

      * a complete CV,
      * an academic transcript with grade point average,
      * any relevant scientific publications, if applicable.

      Closing date for application: 5 March 2006.

      For further information please visit our website at
      www.iiia.csic.es, or contact
      Dr. Jordi Sabater-Mir (jsabater@...).

      Tomas Klos

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