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  • Jose M. Vidal
    Monthly MultiAgent.com news for Wed Sep 15 10:17:08 2004 Latest news and new additions ... DIMACS: Computation and the Socio-Economic Sciences The topic of
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      Monthly MultiAgent.com news for Wed Sep 15 10:17:08 2004

      Latest news and new additions

      DIMACS: Computation and the Socio-Economic Sciences
      "The topic of game theory and mechanism design has involved many
      leading computer scientists with economists and, as a result, for the
      first time many computer scientists are taking serious note of both
      the problems and the methods of economics. Analysis of the analogies
      between the growth of social networks and the development of the
      Internet have led to important insights about both areas and serious
      interactions between computer scientists and sociologists. Problems of
      metasearch have engaged computer scientists with political scientists
      and economists working on voting and social choice. We believe that
      the time is ripe to build on these early and exciting
      connections."They will be holding workshops, seminars, and tutorials
      during 2004-2006.

      CybelePro Micro Edition
      Intelligent Automation announces the release of Cybele-ME for PDA
      running Linux and Windows-CE. Cybele-ME is an optimized version of
      CybelePro for J2ME CDC environment. Cybele-ME is available with
      CybelePro v1.1. Users can now develop a Cybele-based agent application
      using only one set of APIs, which could run on a PDA or a
      workstation. Distributed agents seamlessly interact with each other
      independent of the platform.

      IADIS e-Commerce 2004
      The IADIS e-Commerce 2004 conference is a major international event
      for researchers,academics, industry specialists, practitioners &
      students interested in the advances in,and applications of,
      e-Commerce. The participants will have an opportunity to presentand
      observe the latest research results, and ideas in these areas. This
      conference aimsto cover both technological as well as
      non-technological issues related to this new business paradigm. To be
      held 14-16 December 2004 in Lisbon, Portugal. Papers due 17 September

      NorMAS 2005
      The First International Symposium on Normative Agent Systems
      (NormAS2005) is a one day symposium that is part of the 2005 AISB
      convention with the general theme "Social Intelligence and Interaction
      in Animals, Robots and Agents". It is to be held 12-15 April 2005 in
      the University of Hertfordshire, de Havilland Campus, Hatfield,
      England. Papers due 31 October 2004.

      Agent Technology Conference
      The third International Agent Technology Conference is to be held 1
      October 2004 in Zurich. ATC is organized by the Agentlink consortium
      and aims to bring together commercial organizations interested in
      exploiting agenttechnologies to benefit their businesses. The program
      includes presentations by world-leading agent technology experts from
      some of the most innovative companies in the field, as well as
      representatives from traditionalindustries reporting on their agent
      based solutions. Participation to this event is free but requires

      Agents of Change
      A Computerworld article on autonomous agents. It talks about the
      NASA robots and satellites as well as the trading agent competition
      and even mentions AAMAS. The real world is starting to notice us.

      Negotiating in Service-Oriented Environments
      A short article from ACM Queue magazine on how software is on its
      way to becoming a service and how this will give rise to a service market
      and the need for (automated?) negotiation.

      ConceptNet is a freely available commonsense knowledgebase and
      natural-language-processing toolkit which supports many practical
      textual-reasoning tasks over real-world documents right out-of-the-box
      (without additional statistical training).

      The Business Process Execution Language for Web Services
      specification. BPEL4WS is a worflow description language supported by
      IBM and Microsoft, among others.

      ISMIS 2005
      The International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent
      Systems is intended to attract individuals who are actively engaged
      both in theoretical and practical aspects of intelligent systems. It
      is to be held 25-28 May 2005 in Saratoga Springs, New York. Papers due
      15 October 2004.

      CLIMA V
      The fifth workshop on computational logic in multi-agent systems is
      to be held 29-30 September 2004 in Lisbon, Portugal.

      Trust Competition Testbed
      Trust as a form of social control in multi-agent systems is a
      growing field of research. A diverse collection of trust modeling
      representations and algorithms has been developed in recent years;
      however, a unified research direction has yet to be established. We
      invite discussion of a Competition Testbed for agent trust
      technologies, by which to challenge researchers to solve the most
      prominent problems in the field. The development of a Competition
      Testbed can foster a cohesive scoping of trust research problems, as
      well as metrics by which to measure the success of technologies in
      reaching those objectives.

      FLAIRS 2005 - Intelligent Agent Systems Track
      The purpose of this track is to provide a forum for academics and
      practitioners to identify and explore the issues, opportunities, and
      solutions related to intelligent agent theory, design and
      implementation. To be held 16-18 May 2005 in Clearwater Beach,
      Florida. Papers due 22 October 2004.

      News from the www.MultiAgent.com website.
      Edited by Jose M. Vidal.
    • Jose M. Vidal
      Monthly MultiAgent.com news for Fri Jul 14 17:17:23 2006 Latest news and new additions ... Colored Trails Project Colored Trails (CT) is a test-bed for
      Message 62 of 62 , Jul 15, 2006
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        Monthly MultiAgent.com news for Fri Jul 14 17:17:23 2006

        Latest news and new additions

        Colored Trails Project
        Colored Trails (CT) is a test-bed for investigating the types of
        decision-making that arise in task settings where the key interactions
        are among goals (of individuals or of groups), tasks required to
        accomplish those goals, and resources. The CT architecture allows
        games to be played by groups comprising people, computer agents, or
        heterogeneous mixes of people and computers. The purpose of the CT
        framework is to enable to design, learn and evaluate players'
        decision-making behavior as well as group dynamics in settings of
        varying complexity.

        German DAI Group
        The non-profit German Special Interest Group (SIG) on Distributed
        Artificial Intelligence is concerned with the representation,
        promotion and coordination of the field of Distributed AI and
        multiagent systems. Being part of the Special Interest Group on
        Artificial Intelligence of the German Informatics Society
        (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.), its activities are focused on
        research, teaching and education, and industry.

        Game Theory and Poker
        A Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist has demonstrated
        that you don't necessarily need to know much about poker to create
        a computer program that can play a winning hand of Texas
        Hold'Em. A knowledge of game theory, not the specialized expertise
        of a human poker player, is at the heart of the poker robot called GS1
        developed by Tuomas Sandholm, director of Carnegie Mellon's
        Agent-Mediated Electronic Marketplaces Lab, and graduate student
        Andrew Gilpin.

        Jobs at University of Southampton
        Applications are invited for three Senior Research
        Assistant/Research Fellow posts in the Intelligence, Agents,
        Multimedia Group, in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at
        the University of Southampton. The School is the largest of its kind
        in the UK and was awarded the top grade of 5* for both Computer
        Science and Electronics in the 2001 national assessment of research in
        UK universities.

        News from the www.MultiAgent.com website.
        Edited by Jose M. Vidal.
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