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  • Mohammad Choudhury
    Dear Mukto-mona Editor: I would appreciate very much for your publishing the following write-up on my responses to many questions asked of my previous write
    Message 1 of 383 , Oct 16, 2003
      Dear Mukto-mona Editor:

      I would appreciate very much for your publishing the following write-up on
      my responses to many questions asked of my previous write up. Thanking you.

      Mohammad S Choudhury


      Several questions were asked and raised on my writing �EACH INDIVIDUAL IS
      enough time to answer all questions individually. I hope the following
      write-up would give some answers to those questions.

      In my writing I brought a few questions, unfortunately no one dealt with my
      questions while many of the readers brought several other irrelevant
      questions. In my writing I brought some scenario wherein the issues of the
      �Human Soul� and some other aspects of human beings that exist as intangible
      things and can be perceived.

      I have explained that there are many aspects of human beings that are
      similar in characteristics but quite different in shape, color, texture,
      etc., which we can see, measure and quantify them. I also explained that
      there are many intangible things in human beings that may not be similar but
      we can perceive them. Mr. Asghar said that what he perceived as life in
      brain was a perception of those animals which could move, talk, and do some
      kind of actions. However, the point I was trying to bring is that in human
      beings there are many aspects such as love, fear, envy, hate, intelligence,
      etc. that exist, are intangible and we can perceive them. Most modern
      science cannot have even given any clue to measure any of them, weigh them
      or analyze them. Such things cannot be scientifically quantified. But they
      exist and we can perceive them. The way we perceive them and amount of our
      perception also cannot be quantified by any scientific means as far as I
      know. If any one of you know any scientific methodology to quantify any of
      those aspects of a human being I would love to learn them. I know I get
      angry and my wife gets angry too. But her anger is much less than mine and
      so she can control her anger while I am angry. I have not heard of any
      scientific method by which I can measure my anger, her anger, and control
      that anger. But the �anger� exists and you cannot deny that. Where is that
      anger? Where is my hate? Where is my love? How can we measure and quantify
      these? Can you answer all these questions? This way your or our own �Self�
      exists. This intangible thing that exist in us and cannot be scientifically
      quantified is the thing that is �Nafs� in Arabic or �Ruh� and �Soul� in
      English. It exists and there is no doubt about its existence but some people
      deny its existence. Depending on the amount of perception an individual
      human being has, the understanding of the existence of �SOUL� would vary
      and as such its idea of existence.

      As most modern science has not given any methodology of quantifying anger,
      hate, love, etc. so is in the case of �Nafs�. My anger can come and go; so
      my hate and love. So also my �Nafs� or �Ruh�. When the �Ruh� goes away from
      the body, everything remains in tact which are tangible but the intangible
      things also go away. We have no way of measuring them and only way we can
      understand is by our intangible thing perception. However, the most
      uncorrupted book of the �Revealed Knowledge�, the �Qur�an� explains this
      �Ruh� very clearly:

      And they ask you concerning the �Ruh�, Say: �The �Ruh� is from an
      of my Rab (i.e. Allah). And you (i.e. mankind) have not been
      given of
      knowledge except a little.�

      From the above verse we understand that �Ruh� is something from an order of
      Allah (swt). In Arabic it is ��Amr� i.e. �Order� and is also intangible
      which we cannot see. Suppose I order my son: �Go to your room�. We do not
      see that order but it existed. So is the order of the Creator, Allah (swt).
      It existed when it was given and continuing to exist for all the time. This
      �Ruh� is different from the �Biological life� that exist in human beings or
      any other biological thing. We can perceive this or even see this in
      biological cells under electron microscope. That is why when a person dies
      his several body parts can be transplanted and used in any human body which
      has the �Ruh� and these parts can function. While these parts would not
      function in the body from which the �Ruh� has left. How the �Ruh� leaves?
      Where does it go? Where does it stay thereafter? Modern science has not yet
      developed to that extent to explain all these. May be one day such
      development would come and we will be able to see such thing like our order.
      Until then we will have to depend on our perception i.e. capability of our
      perception to understand the existence of �Ruh�.

      Another aspect that I brought in my writing was the �Life Hereafter� which
      I explained in relation to understanding �Islam�. As explained above
      science cannot explain these issues even with modern advancement except
      denying the truth and we have to go to the �Revealed Knowledge� for their
      full understanding. Many of the questioners on my writing brought out
      several of the same age old illusionary questions about Islam with some
      touch of modern scientific knowledge that has been gained from the time the
      human being started inhabiting this world. All these illusions and questions
      are clearly dealt with in the �Qur�an�, the only �Uncorrupted Revealed
      Knowledge� now available to the human beings. Further explanation is not
      necessary, however, I would give a further try to let people come to
      understanding to a certain extent.

      Let me relate one famous story. There were nine blind persons living
      together and one non-blind person (say his name is John) was helping them in
      their day today affairs. One day they all went to a market where a person
      was showing an elephant riding. John told the blind people about the
      elephant riding and how the elephant was. The blind persons became very
      inquisitive and wanted to learn and get the feeling of how the elephant was.
      John arranged with the elephant keeper and took all the nine blind persons
      to the elephant. Each blind person moved around the elephant, touched it at
      several places and learnt/understood how the elephant was. Everybody was
      satisfied. When they returned home John asked how they thought the elephant
      was. Each person replied in their own way: One said: �the elephant was like
      a pillar (he felt the elephant�s big leg)�, another said �it was like a
      pipe� (he felt the long nose of the elephant) and so on�. They tried to
      explain the elephant by �Cut and Paste� method. So all of their descriptions
      together did not even make John understand how the elephant was as he saw
      the elephant.

      In understanding Islam many of us are doing the same thing like seeing the
      elephant by the blind persons. Most of us are trying to understand Islam
      from the Qur�an by �Cut and Paste� method and also using the Hadith the same
      way. The Qur�an has be taken in as a whole and Islam has to be seen as a
      whole like that with a full �Faith� (belief) in it, i.e. with clean �Iman�
      in the heart which is a part of Islam. This has been clearly explained in
      several verses of the Qur�an when it says: �Ya a�uhal lazina �amano�� [O!
      you who have believed i.e. have �Iman�..]. To understand the Qur�an, having
      �Iman� is an essential ingredient. �You can make to hear only those who
      believe (have iman) in Our Ayats (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons,
      signs, revelations, etc.), and (have submitted to Allah in Islam) so they
      are Muslims� (30:53). So Islam without �Iman� is no Islam. And Islam cannot
      be seen and understood properly without �Iman�.

      No doubt many people understood Islam according to the extent of their
      learning and knowledge. And thus, they followed it according to that extent
      and still there are many people in this world who are following Islam
      according to their own understanding and knowledge. Each human being is
      created different in many respects while in some respects they are very
      similar such as each has two hands, two legs, one head, etc. But the
      capacity to remember, memorize, feel, understand, comprehend something and
      act accordingly varies so much so that each individual is different and
      his/her way of doing the things. And thus, understanding and following any
      culture, religion, or for that matter any civil law/code varies

      The next point that I would bring here is �Freedom�. One day my colleague,
      Russell, was trying to fill in his �Tax Return Forms� and became very
      annoyed and said: �Why on earth we have to do all these? Why are we not free
      to do whatever we like? Why I even cannot drive my car the way I like? Why I
      could not make my driveway as I liked it. I have to take permission from the
      county and for that matter I have to deposit $1000.00 as a security deposit.
      If I have followed the county laws and regulations my security money will be
      returned or else it will be forfeited or some money deducted depending on
      how much I have obeyed the county laws and regulations. So also I have to
      follow so many rules and regulations in my job or else I will loose my job.
      Where is my freedom? In almost all aspects of my life I have to follow one
      rule, regulation or a law or the other. So where is my freedom?� For Russell
      there was no freedom, he did not find any freedom in his life in these
      United States. Such is true for all of us wherever we are living since we
      all have to live in a society/community/county or for that matter in any
      country. This means that no one is free and each one of us has to follow
      and obey some laws and regulations irrespective of where we are. All these
      laws and regulations are man made laws and regulations and we are not free
      but to abide by, obey and follow them. Or else we would be punished to the
      extent as the laws permit.

      These laws vary depending on where we are and the capacity to violate these
      laws also varies depending on where we are. Tax laws that were mentioned
      above have to be strictly followed in these United States or else there may
      be an audit and someone may have to give heavy penalty for evading any tax.
      Similar is the case for several other laws and regulations in many aspects
      of human life which a person has to abide by, obey and follow without any
      question whether the person likes them or not, whether they are in his/her
      favor or not, whether he/she considers them beneficial for him/her or not.

      The following things are to be noted:

      1) The laws and regulations,
      2) The implementation of these laws and
      regulations, and
      3) The punishment for violation of these laws and

      In most places in Bangladesh a person can build a house anyway he/she likes.
      There are some building codes but you can go away with them by giving bribe.
      One can even avoid giving �Income Taxes� to the government. Here in USA no
      one can do that. Each and every place here in the USA there exists certain
      building codes/laws. These must be followed for building any kind of
      building/structure as these laws are implemented effectively and any
      violation of the �Building Codes� may end up with heavy punishment. Similar
      is the case for any industry, business, school, college, university, or even
      a church or a mosque. The point is that there exist all kinds of laws and
      regulations and each one has to follow these laws and regulations
      irrespective of who he/she is. Any violation of any law by any person would
      make the person liable to the prescribed punishment. Some people can go by
      once in a while but not all the time since the government machinery will
      certainly hold the person and make him appear at the court for justice. In
      some cases some persons can completely avoid such arrest and save
      himself/herself from the prescribed punishment. That also depends on the
      efficiency and the degree of corruptness of the government machinery of the
      country where someone lives. [In case of Fatemolla : he was allowed by the
      Bangladesh Airport Customs Officer �Let him try his luck�. Such thing could
      not happen here in the USA airport].

      From the above we see that each and every human being is not free and is
      bound by certain laws and regulation in most aspects of human being�s life.
      In most cases these laws are man-made laws and the human beings have no
      alternative than to abide by and follow these laws and regulations. So we
      can say that each human being �Submits to the man-made laws and regulations�
      irrespective of whether such person is following a religion or not following
      any religion does not matter, i.e. whether he/she is religious or secular
      (or even atheist) does not matter. In submitting these man-made laws and
      regulations we may raise some questions but we have no alternative than to
      abide by and follow to the extent the government machinery can implement
      them. So we find so many law enforcing authorities. I have seen many persons
      who are so loyal to these laws that any other person violating these laws
      would make them unhappy and sometime they even call the police to implement
      such violation. While there are many who are constantly violating these laws
      and ending up in jails and prisons. In any case the point I am trying to
      bring is �No one is free. Every human being is under the clutches of certain
      laws and regulations. And in each countries of the world such laws and
      regulations are man-made. As such human beings are submitting to these laws
      and regulations and thus submitting to those human beings who are the
      legislators to these laws and regulations.� These legislators may be
      elected, selected, forcibly placed, acquired by force, kings, dictators, or
      what not. But they are the ones who make the laws and regulations (say
      rulers) and others are to follow (say followers) although in many cases the
      rulers also have to abide by these laws. Therefore, each human being is
      submitting to another human being to abide by, follow and submit to the laws
      and regulations made by their fellow human beings.
      There are so many aspects of human beings that such laws and regulations
      cannot be made by these rulers in all aspects. As such in many aspects of
      human lives many cultural, religious, secular, activities comes in and
      people follow them. In some of these aspects of human life, the religious
      laws and regulations are so vigorously followed that many times the rulers
      take advantage of them and rule their followers exploiting the human beings.
      Such exploitations are rampant in this world. �Free thinkers and human
      lovers must act against such exploitation by these rulers and make the human
      beings really free from following/obeying and submitting to their fellow
      human beings.� Only way we can free the human beings from such exploitation
      by another human beings is by freeing human beings from the clutches of
      another human being�s laws and regulations. That can only be done is by
      allowing the human beings to follow the laws and regulations of that Supreme
      Being who is not human and who has much higher knowledge than any human
      being and who is the Creator of everything in the universe.

      The followers follow laws, regulations or rules enacted by the rulers
      irrespective whether they like these or not and they have no other
      alternative than to follow or else they may end up in getting punishment.
      This is natural and is followed everywhere. This principle is true for �Laws
      of the Supreme Being�. We may not like some laws but those are enacted by
      Him. As such a human being following these laws of the Supreme Being is free
      and is not under the clutches of another human fellow being. As you can see
      the only difference is that such laws are not made by any human being rather
      than the Supreme Being who has better knowledge than any human being and
      since they were made by the Supreme Being the end result must be the best
      whether we understand or not. Only way we can get the best result is by
      following these laws and regulations or else we are liable to punishment for
      violations of these laws as we are liable to punishment for any violation of
      man-made laws and regulations.

      This understanding of freeing human being from submitting/following to
      another fellow human being is real understanding about our own self, �Nafs�
      or �Soul� and then believing in that Supreme Being who is the Creator of
      everything and submitting to Him is �Islam�. Once this faith comes in the
      heart a human being can free himself/herself from all other things and get
      peace, live in peace, feel satisfied and become happy in this world and in
      the Hereafter, the belief in which will automatically come in the person�s
      heart. With this faith, understanding the �Words of the Supreme Being�, the
      �Qur�an� will follow suit and the truth will come as the �Only Truth� and
      �Islam� will become easily understandable to that person. May the Supreme
      Being give that Guidance to us all. Ameen!

      Mohammad S Choudhury

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    • Raju Charles
      This is in reference to President George W. Bush statement at London Press Conference with Prime Minister Tony Blair that Christians and Muslims worship the
      Message 383 of 383 , Nov 30 9:35 AM

        This is in reference to President George W. Bush statement at�London�Press Conference with Prime Minister Tony Blair that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.(Washington Post, Nov. 22, 2003 )His statement about the ALMIGHTY GOD has created a great controversy in the evangelical circles in America . Make no mistake Jews and Palestinians are Semitic and children of Abraham, father of our faith, children of�Hagar & Sara, and Ishmael & Isaac. The Jews, Muslims and Christians are the decedents of a common father, Abraham, which no Rabbi will deny. I hope the Evangelical Christians will shed their religious untouchability and study the big book more carefully.

        Many statements are made contradicting President Bush's views on the�almighty God. The reason being the “Christian God encourages freedom, love, forgiveness, prosperity, and health," whereas the Almighty God in Islam is opposite to that. "The personalities of each�god are evident in the cultures, civilization and dispositions of the peoples that serve them. The one and true god is Jehovah, and his only begotten son is Jesus Christ." said Rev. Haggard, President of National association of Evangelicals in USA . Bush's faith and Christian connection is his political strength.

        The Evangelical Christians�are the most�powerful and loyal voting block for the GOP. Some of the evangelical Christians leaders are like Pharisees, and the�ancient Jewish sect, known for self righteousness,�who hated Jesus and followed�him to find fault. Jesus questioned there authority and�rebuked them for their hypocrisy and double standard.�The Evangelical Christians of America have taken the side of the Israelis to fulfill the Biblical Prophecy, they are the ground keepers�to fasten the second�coming of�Jesus, which even the Jews reject and laugh at them. Preaching Ten Commandments and ignoring the holy terror to fasten the second coming of Jesus Christ. Evangelical Christians of America need a road map to Heaven from the Bible. You should fight anti-Semitism just as hard as anti-Christianity and do justice to all. Heaven bound Evangelical Christians must know our God is a God of righteousness; He is the creator, sustainer and redeemer of all people.

        Christian leaders who justify apartheid and�are silent about the crucifixion of justice, around the world�must know the all mighty God is watching. The almighty God of Jews, Muslims and Christian are the same and the only one God - the�God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David.�My appeal to fellow Christians of the West is to make peace, reach out and touch every human soul regardless of religion and nationality. Your silence hurts and your charity never reaches the poor.

        We Christians must unite and fight the injustice. Jesus wants us to practice justice, mercy and honesty. Jesus condemned the Pharisees saying, “Blind guides! You strain a fly�out of�your drink, but swallow a camel.”�What’s going on in Ireland between Christians? How can we forget the wars we Christians fought under the shadow of cross in Europe ? This does not mean our God is a God of terror, neither can�we say that about Islam. We Christians need to be kind and generous in our opinion about other faiths, these provocative statements hurt the poor Christians around the World. We need to practice tolerance, compassion and better understanding.

        This time Evangelical Christians are wrong�and President Bush is right. He wants peace and happiness for all. Liberty , justice and economic emancipation of all people, that is what is called America the great.

        “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9).

        Raju Charles

        Deacon, Sligo Seventh Day Adventist Church

        Washington , D.C.

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