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Re: Film Director Gopal Menon Manhandled by VHP and Police inKerala

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  • ADH Kiran
    Mr. Bijoy s comments here, inspite of stated sweet intentions, display vicious selectivity. Few questions come to mind right away about the incident - was VHP
    Message 1 of 58 , Jul 10, 2003
      Mr. Bijoy's comments here, inspite of stated sweet intentions, display
      vicious selectivity. Few questions come to mind right away about the
      incident - was VHP "manhandling" everyone who came to the meeting?
      Every media person coming there? NO!

      It was only Gopal Menon

      SO the charge that VHP is against "recording" is baseless,it was
      an issue between Gopal Menon and VHP activists who were angry
      about his past behaviour.

      Regarding right to information I would suggest Mr. Bijoy apply the
      same to himself and other organisations as well. Will he go and record
      and film the friday speeches in mosques and maddrassas? I suggest he
      does so if he is genuinely interested in peace, he will get to hear
      lot of interesting things there.

      The left in India ought to develop new thinking.


      --- In mukto-mona@yahoogroups.com, "CR Bijoy" wrote:

      > Comments: Kerala is a substantially mixed population from different
      religions. The state is know for its egalitarian and well developed
      democracy and has a physical quality of living index that is
      comparable toso called developed nations. The state has a enviable
      position in terms of literacy (officially a completely literate
      state) and a very vibrant and alert media. The state has a practice
      of intense debate on all issues that matter and invariably ensure
      that the government falls in line with the popular conclusions of the
      political debate. For this reason, the average citizen is considered
      to be better informed. In recent times, there has been communal flare
      ups and violence that are considered unusual. With intensification of
      communal politics, the logic is that if one can ensure the dominance
      of communal politics in the state of Kerala, then one can do this
      anywhere in India. Recent incidents in Marad of communal flare ups
      and murders present the context. There&nb! s!
      > p;has been an increasing allegation and popular belief that the
      Congress led government in the state is toeing the BJP/VHP/RSS agenda
      of communalisation of politics. Gopal Menon has made documentaries on
      issues such as Kashmir, Nagaland, Dalits besides the popular 'Hey
      Ram:Genocide in the Land of Gandhi". The attack on him is a clear
      indication that organisations such as VHP do not want their
      activities to be recorded, least of all its vetran rabble rouser
      Praveen Togadia against whom there have been numerous compliants in
      other parts of the country of promoting communal hatred. In addition,
      in a democracy, the right to free speech and right to information are
      critical for the society to enable a rational analysis and discourse.
      The attack on Gopal Menon shows up the scant regard for the social
      practice in the State that oranisations like VHP has exposing itself
      to be fascist and its capacity to engineer fascism in a progressive
      state. No doubt, the people of Kerala, where to!!
      > lerance is considered sacrosanct in the political discourse, would
      rise up to contain such trends.
      > Bijoy
      > >
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      > > From: sarat
      > > To: Gopal Menon ; Surendranath
      > > Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 10:06 AM
      > > Subject: Gopal Menon Manhandled
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      > > Film Director Gopal Menon Manhandled.
      > >
      > > Well-known documentary film maker Gopal Menon, who has made the
      > film `Hey Ram - Genocide in the Land of Gandhi' (that documented
      > post-Godhra communal carnage in Gujarat), as well as many other
      > on human rights issues, was manhandled today by the Vishwa Hindu
      Parishad (VHP) and
      > the Kerala state police in a public function being addressed by VHP
      > chief, Praveen Togadia, in Kozhikkode today. Gopal Menon was
      > accompanied by a film team consisting of Viju Verma ! and Mustapha
      > Deshamangalam, who were also subjected to manhandling.
      > >
      > > As soon as the team reached the spot in Mudalakkulam Maidan where
      > Praveen Togadia was addressing the crowd, Gopal
      > > Menon was identified by the VHP activists, who with the help of
      > state police, manhandled all three and threw them out of the
      > place. The VHP activists threatened the film makers and asked the
      > police not to allow them inside. The police in turn, threatened to
      > arrest them if they failed to leave immediately. According to the
      > group, they escaped since their lives
      > > were under threat.
      > >
      > > Later, Gopal Menon and his team argued that since the event was a
      > public meeting, they had every right to attend and also film the
      > function. They expressed shock at the way the police force of a
      > like Kerala that is supposedly committed to secular principles
      > be used by a communal outfit like the VHP for its ne! farious ends.
      > According to Gopal, the organisers had violated all the basic
      > of press and media freedom. Marad, said Gopal, marks the beginning
      > fascism in Kerala. The team stated that if the socially-conscious
      > citizens of Kerala did not wake up at this crucial hour, the state
      > would soon become a ground for bloodshed as a result of the
      > statements of communal-minded politicians.
      > >
      > > The team appealed to all right-thinking and socially-conscious
      > citizens to pledge themselves to fight the communal canker, and see
      > to it that the 'Gujarat experiment' is not repeated in state of
      > Kerala. They urged all citizens' groups to respond
      > > immediately and take all possible steps to isolate communal
      > organisationsand politicians who spread communal poison.
      > New Indian Express", July 10, 2003, Thursday
      > ?Secular resistance need of the hour?
      > KOZHIKODE: What has happened to the secular fabric of the fishing
      community in the state ? What role did araya samajams and mahal
      committees play to flare up the communal clashes ? Or is it the RSS,
      the NDF or similar organisations doing the trick ?
      > While ruminating over these serious questions
      > Gopal Menon is quite disturbed. ??It?s an alarming situation here
      in Kerala,?? says the internationally-acclaimed documentary film
      maker, who reached the trouble-torn Marad from Delhi to document his
      new film on the riot-hit coastal belt of Kerala.
      > 29-year-old Gopal, a native of Mankave in Kozhikode, is further
      disturbed by the way he and his crew members were treated by the
      police and the RSS, VHP workers while filming the public address of
      VHP leader Praveen Togadia in Kozhikode on Tuesday.
      > The RSS and VHP workers had blocked the crew from shooting the
      programme. ??With the police, which came into the scene, too joining
      the saffron brigade to push us out, we had to leave the scene without
      shooting the programme,?? he said. ??I was even blocked by the police
      from entering Marad. Around 30 films were made during the Gujarat
      riots and there were no such restrictions. Even the journalists are
      not being permitted to work freely here in Marad.??
      > Gopal?s film on Gujarat riots ? Hey Ram ! Genocide in the Land of
      Gandhi (2002) ? was the first one on the subject and was widely used
      as an interventionist tool.
      > It is three months since he began working on the new film which is
      expected to be completed within two or three months. ??The Sangh
      Parivar outfits will further benefit from any communal-based response
      to their manoeuvres. Kerala could be considered an exact case study
      and what we need here is a secular resistance instead of communal
      polarisation,?? he elaborates on the subject of his untitled work. ??
      The sea courts (kadal kodathi), aimed to settle the disputes, are now
      defunct. The Government is trying to appease the communal forces. The
      situation here is worsening,?? he asserts.
      > An extensive all-India film on communalism, depicting attacks on
      minority communities including Muslims, Christians, dalits and
      tribals, is also in the offing. ??Unlike the Sangh Parivar, Islamic
      organisations cannot be termed a fascist force in the Indian context.
      Sangh Parivar is a fascist force and not merely a fundamentalist
      outfit,?? he says.
      > Opening his film career with a documentary on the destruction of
      tropical evergreen forests in Nilgiri biosphere while doing his
      second year degree course, Gopal Menon, associated himself with the
      People?s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) on the organised violence
      on Muslims in Coimbatore and the subsequent bomb blasts.
      > He has been documenting the Naga and Kashmiri political movements
      since 1998 and made two documentaries ? Naga story: The Other Side of
      Silence (on the Naga struggle) and Papa Too (on enforced
      disappearance in Kashmir). The other works, apart from that on
      Gujarat riots, include Resilient Rhythms (first comprehensive film on
      dalit issue) and Let Iraq Live, made as part of the anti-war campaign.
      > His film, broadcast by Britain?s Channel 4 news programme,
      documenting some of the means through which funds were raised in
      Britain by Sangh Parivar organisations, had invited the wrath of the
      VHP (UK), which accused him of promoting mass conversion of Hindus
      and causing havoc with the human rights of Hindus in India.
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    • Jamil Asgor
      ... Let me turn it around. Why all of a sudden you are so bleeding heart about the victims of Saddam s cruelty? Where was the outrage when Pak military juntas
      Message 58 of 58 , Jul 19, 2003
        Pradip Das(Message 12037):

        >Why all of a sudden you are so "bleeding-heart"
        >about "innocent civilian lives"? Where is the
        >outraged when hundreds of mass-graves are discovered
        >in Iraq? Do you not feel anything for those families
        >who lost hundreds of thousands of their loved ones
        >to Saddam's cruelty?

        Let me turn it around. Why all of a sudden you are so bleeding
        heart about the victims of Saddam's cruelty? Where was the
        outrage when Pak military juntas massacred millions in
        Bangladesh in 1971? Where was the liberating army from US to
        liberate the Bengalis? What did US do then? Where is the
        "outrage" (by US and its defenders) when protesters demanding
        freedom were massacred in Tianamen square. Where was the armed
        invasion to liberate the Chinese people under communist
        oppresiion? Where was the outrage when Shah of Iran's brutal
        secret police killed his opponents? Where is the outrage when
        Saudis perpetrate worst human rights violation on its citizen,
        women and brutally suppressing any opposition to its rule and
        free speech? Where is the liberation war when worse dictators
        than Saddam unleash reign of terror in their countries and even
        outside (e.g Iran, Libya, Sudan..) like Kim Jong II of N. Korea,
        King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah, Charles Taylor, Liberia,
        Than Shwe of Burma, Theodore Obiang Nguema of Equat. Guinea,
        Saparmurad Niyazov of Turkmensitan, Alexander Lukanshenko of
        Belarus? Why shed crocodile tears for Iraqis selectively? One
        has to be either utterly immature or insidious to think or say
        that Bush-Chenney invaded Iraq to "liberate" the Iraqis. Not
        only did they invaded Iraq for their personal interest but they
        have also pushed Iraq in a much worse situation than before.
        That is no liberation. Iraq is now under the danger of
        religious fundamentalism, worse than secular dictatorship of
        Saddam. Saddam may have tortured political opponents, but
        relgious fanatics do not even spare non-political dissidents,
        women, liberals, intellectuals, all are tortured for simply not
        following the strict Sharia rules. This is not liberation. This
        is simply throwing the people of Iraq from a frying pan into
        fire to fulfil its own agenda.

        Osama Bin Laden is the worst terrorist, and also the chief
        patron of the 9/11 terrorism. Why is it that US is not spending
        its energy and resources on seeking out Osama bin Laden, where
        as spending billions after Saddam, who had nothing to do with
        9/11 or Al Quaeda? Iraq was an easy sitting duck and a scapegoat
        for 9/11, because Saddam, being secular and atheist, had made
        enemies among Islamic countries, even Osama Bin Laden. So US
        figured that Iraq can be pounded with no fear of backlash from
        islamic countries, and at the same time US figured that since
        Iraq/Saddam has Muslim and Arab identity (although Saddam is
        secular/atheist), it is easy to convince gullible public about
        the link between Saddam and 9/11 terrorists (Both have a common
        denominator : "Muslim") and thus he can gain some political
        mileage at home with the impatient public wanting to see
        something be done to the 9/11 perpetrators/planners. No body
        would have believed if Bush blamed North Korea (Kim Jong) or
        Liberia (Charles Taylor), for being behind 9/11 and attacked N.
        Korea or Liberia, as Kim Jong or Charles Taylor do not have a
        Muslim identity. The fact is that Saddam has nothing more to do
        with Osama Bin Laden than Kim Jong or Charles Taylor. Rather
        Kim Jong or Charles Taylor are not seen as an enemy by Osama,
        but Saddam is!. It is a no brainer why US spent so much
        resources after Saddam, although many still don't get it, and
        still gloat for US having done something about 9/11 by ousting
        Saddam! and having "liberated" Iraqi people.

        It would not be too far fetced to speculate that Iraq will
        ultimately be ruled by fanatic Islamic rulers who would support
        terrorism against US (Current signs point to that as being a
        real possibility), something Saddam never did himself. That
        will be the ultimate irony.

        Jamil Asgor
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