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Re: [msv-interest] Re: MSV - patches for GrammarReader and TypeDetector

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  • Damian Gajda
    Welcome and thanks for Your answer. ... This code is for people which insert Windows paths into their xml documents (I personally only use Linux and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2002
      Welcome and thanks for Your answer.

      > 1. You are performing a file separator conversion, but my understanding
      > is that '\' is not a valid separator in URI. So allowing it in
      > relative URI seems to be wrong to me. Is there a reason why you want
      > to do this?

      This code is for people which insert Windows paths into their xml
      documents (I personally only use Linux and Solaris for systems
      installations etc.). This is probably wrong to allow it. I think that
      You could remove this conversion to make the routine standards

      That's all I can tell You about this case.

      BTW. I think I have found another bug in MSV. I'm not sure yet (haven't
      had time to read the source), but the thing goes like this:

      I import a schema into another schema with a following import element:

      <xsd:import namespace="http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace"
      schemaLocation="xml.xsd" />

      The schema gets imported, but only on one condition: My computer has to
      have an active internet connection, otherwise I get an exception
      connected with an unreachable internet location (in this case

      It looks like MSV is checking the existence of a resource under URL
      defined as a namespace attribute. AFAIR this behaviour is compliant with
      XMLSchema standard. The problem is that it makes MSV unusable in
      firewalled or embedded environments.

      I think that You should allow the users not to check the existence of
      namespaces for included schemas. This would make MSV more usable.
      Make it a configuration property or a (constructor) parameter for

      Now I remember having other problems with MSV. Especially with
      TypeDetector class, which (because of lack of super.xxx() calls) has
      problems validating character content (Strings). I will write more about
      it later.

      Regards, keep up the good work - I'm wating for a new version of MSV.
      Damian Gajda
      +48 501 032 506
      Web Application Development and Consultancy
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