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Fw: Grand Alumni Homecoming Matters

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  • bincol
      fath ma lilang zinayda o. macarambon office for alumni relations & placement msu-iligan institute of technology iligan city, philippines office: 063-2254144
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 8, 2012
    fath'ma lilang zinayda o. macarambon
    office for alumni relations & placement
    msu-iligan institute of technology
    iligan city, philippines
    office: 063-2254144
    handphone: +639177211057

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    Subject: Grand Alumni Homecoming Matters

    Dear Maam Bincol,

    I'd like to request your good office to kindly forward this letter/information (below) to the alumni in your Contact List.

    Please see attachments as well.

    Thank you very much in anticipation of your kind consideration and support.

    Best regards,
    JB Magallanes


    Dear Alumnus and Alumna of MSU-IIT

    On the 14-15th of July 2012 (Sat-Sun) will be our 10th MSU-IIT GRAND ALUMNI HOMECOMING.  Details can be found at http://sites.g.msuiit.edu.ph/44th/alumni-homecoming.   We do this to reminisce the good memories and the best times shared with our college friends and renew friendships with them and our mentors, to see the improvements of our Alma Mater, to network and make friends with other alumni, and to share our expertise, experiences and resources to MSU-IIT.

    Below are the activities of the two-day affair:
    ++General Assembly and Presentation of Candidates for Election at Gazpachos.
    ++College Alumni Activities and Election of Officers at the college premises.
    ++Fellowship Dinner to be arranged by your college at the Gym.
    ++Presentation Show and Alumni MTV Productions per College at the Institute Gym.  Faculty, staff and alumni will showcase their talents in singing, dancing, modeling and acting.
    ++Bingo, Parlor Games, Fellowship and Disco at the Institute Gym.
    ++Dinner for a Cause and Awarding of The Outstanding MSU-IIT Alumni (TOMA) for 2012.

    Each participant will be assessed an amount of Php350.00. From this, Php100.00 will go to the operational expenses (50% goes to colleges/schools and the other 50% goes to the host).   Php200.00 will be spent for the Fellowship Dinner.  Php50.00 will be donated to your college alumni organization.

    There is an Alumni Kit which may be availed on pre-order basis with a combo price of Php1350.00 inclusive of Registration Fee.  This includes: Travel Organizer (Black; Php400.00), Souvenir Polo Shirt (Maroon; Php450.00), Souvenir Mug (Php200.00), Bag Tag (Php75.00) and Key Chain (Php75.00). Contact: Bianca Rae B. Sambo (+639177166872) or Majvell Kay G. Odarve (+639177917434) for details.

    We therefore request you to participate and share your time with us and relive your college memories. Kindly help us invite other alumni to join us, too.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jaybee Magallanes

    Please contact your College Alumni Coordinators for details:
    ++SCS:Emily Tabanao, 09228178304, emilytabanao@...
    ++CBAA:Stephen Fajardo, 09177100291, stephen.fajardo@...
    ++COE:Ruben Menchavez, 09183215904, ruben_sel@..., ruben.menchavez@...
    ++CSM:Angeli Valera-Mag-aso, 09177230713, angeli_valera@...
    ++CSM:Jaybee Magallanes, 09268100567, jbmagallanes@...
    ++CSM:Imelda Aniversario, 09063531013, imeldaaniversario@..., imelda.aniversario@...
    ++CASS:Fredrian Xavier Busico, 09177111224, acebusico@..., acebusico30@...
    ++CON:Geraldine Ridad, 09351334626, geraldineridad@...
    ++CED:Jun Karren Caparoso, 09228920862, junkars_17@..., junkarrencaparoso@...
    ++CED:Jergen Aranas, 09056892007, jergenaranas@...
    ++SET:Roque Requino, 09195820480, roque.requino@...
    ++SET:Julius Torralba, 09177160356, jultorph@...

    OFFICE: Department of Physics, College of Science and Mathematics (CSM)
    Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT)
    Andres Bonifacio Avenue, Tibanga, Iligan City 9200 Philippines
    HOME:   2 Purok 17, Tibanga, Iligan City 9200 Philippines
    PHONE: +63632214068 [telefax]; +63632253437 [home]; +639995604163 [mobile]
    EMAIL:   jbmagallanes@..., jingle.magallanes@...

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