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    Please see attachment ... From: Bernardino Dacar Subject: Re: [msuiitbatch2010] Fw: WFP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTES To: DARWIN MANUBAG
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2011
    Please see attachment

    --- On Sat, 4/2/11, Bernardino Dacar <bernardinodacar@...> wrote:

    From: Bernardino Dacar <bernardinodacar@...>
    Subject: Re: [msuiitbatch2010] Fw: WFP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTES
    To: "DARWIN MANUBAG" <jcdarwinm@...>
    Date: Saturday, April 2, 2011, 7:32 AM

    Sir Darwin,

    I have attach the poster sent to me by our HR recruitment team... we would like to inform our fellow IIT'ians who are interested and still looking for a job... we have several vacancies here and me myself knows that TIMEX needs us, "Help us Engineer Time"...

    TMX Philippines, Inc.
    PEZA Mactan - Lapulapu City, 
    6015 Philippines

    Telephone#: +63 32 2301111  
    Fax #: +63 32 3400 365 
    Mobile #: +63 918 5335492...

    see poster for more details....

    I hope we can place this poster somewhere on our MSU-IIT website...

    again...Thank you & God Bless

    Mabuhay IIT'ians!!!

    --- On Sat, 26/3/11, DARWIN MANUBAG <jcdarwinm@...> wrote:

    From: DARWIN MANUBAG <jcdarwinm@...>
    Subject: Re: [msuiitbatch2010] Fw: WFP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTES
    To: "Bernardino Dacar" <bernardinodacar@...>
    Received: Saturday, 26 March, 2011, 3:32 AM

    ok no problem.

    --- On Sat, 3/26/11, Bernardino Dacar <bernardinodacar@...> wrote:

    From: Bernardino Dacar <bernardinodacar@...>
    Subject: Re: [msuiitbatch2010] Fw: WFP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTES
    To: "DARWIN MANUBAG" <jcdarwinm@...>
    Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 10:14 AM

    ok sir thanks...

    puede naku ihatag imo email sa HR sa TIMEX sir? naa cla job vacancies and they are very much interested on IIT'ians... pra directly maka coordinate cla nimu.

    are you positive with this sir?:P 

    --- On Fri, 25/3/11, DARWIN MANUBAG <jcdarwinm@...> wrote:

    From: DARWIN MANUBAG <jcdarwinm@...>
    Subject: Re: [msuiitbatch2010] Fw: WFP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTES
    To: "Bernardino Dacar" <bernardinodacar@...>
    Received: Friday, 25 March, 2011, 9:57 PM

    They can email the webteam for job posting
    WEBTEAM ALUMNI <webteam@...>;
    or send it to me para ato send sa egroups sa mga colleges kung asa sya relevant.

    --- On Sat, 3/26/11, Bernardino Dacar <bernardinodacar@...> wrote:

    From: Bernardino Dacar <bernardinodacar@...>
    Subject: Re: [msuiitbatch2010] Fw: WFP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTES
    To: jcdarwinm@...
    Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 9:42 AM

    Sir, in case we wanted to post any job vacancy... unsai kailangan buhaton sa corresponding Company sir kung gusto cla magpost sa ilang job vacancy for IIT'ians?

    --- On Thu, 24/3/11, DARWIN MANUBAG <jcdarwinm@...> wrote:

    From: DARWIN MANUBAG <jcdarwinm@...>
    Subject: [msuiitbatch2010] Fw: WFP VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTES
    To: "WEBTEAM ALUMNI" <webteam@...>, "pol polsci" <polsci-alumni@yahoogroups.com>, "cass alumni" <cassiitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "COE ALUMNI" <coeiitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "CED ALUMNI" <cediitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "SGS yahoogroups ALUMNI" <sgsiitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "SET yahoogroups ALUMNI" <setiitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "SCS yahoogroups ALUMNI" <scsiitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "csm yahoogroups ALUMNI" <csmiitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "CEBU ALUMNI" <MSU-IIT_Alumni-Cebu@yahoogroups.com>, "caraga alumni" <msuiitalumni_caraga@yahoogroups.com>, "southcotabato alumni" <msuiitalumni_southcotabato@yahoogroups.com>, "MSU ALUMNI BATCH 2008" <msuiitbatch2008@yahoogroups.com>, "msuiit batch 2009" <msuiitbatch2009@yahoogroups.com>, "Batch 2010" <msuiitbatch2010@yahoogroups.com>, "MSUIIT ALUMNI CAGAYAN DE ORO" <msuiitalumni_cagayan_de_oro@yahoogroups.com>, "CBA yahoogroups CBA Alumni" <cbaiitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "MSUIIT ALUMNI DAVAO" <msuiitalumni_davao@yahoogroups.com>, "MSUIIT ALUMNI dipolog" <msuiitalumni_dipolog@yahoogroups.com>, "cass alumni egroup" <cass_alumni@yahoogroups.com>, "MSUIIT ALUMNI Gensan" <msuiitalumni_gensan@yahoogroups.com>, "FOREVER IIT ALUMNI" <forever_iitalumni@yahoogroups.com>, "aiitafi yahoogroups" <aiitafi@yahoogroups.com>
    Received: Thursday, 24 March, 2011, 7:56 AM


    --- On Thu, 3/24/11, rubybie grandsenin <rubysenin@...> wrote:

    From: rubybie grandsenin <rubysenin@...>
    To: jcdarwinm@...
    Date: Thursday, March 24, 2011, 7:43 PM

    Hi Sir Darwin,
    Please disseminate to interested parties. thanks much.

    From: Ruby Senin <Ruby.Senin@...>
    To: rubysenin@...
    Date: Thursday, 24 March, 2011, 1:38 PM

    Ruby Senin
    Field Monitor for NCR
    UN- World Food Programme
    5/F, GC Corporate Plaza
    150 Legazpi St., Legazpi Village
    Makati City 1229, Phils.
    Tel#: +632 750 - 2561, 751 - 9166
    Fax: +632 750-2562
    Mobile: +63 (917) 450- 1715
    Email: ruby.senin@...

    ----- Forwarded by Ruby Senin/PHL/FIELD/WFP on 24/03/2011 13:38 -----
    Abraham Abatneh/PHL/FIELD/WFP
    17/03/2011 15:04
    Saripa Alangadi/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Ruby Senin/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Romelita Idia/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, JosephEnrico Alviar/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Wilhelmina Aquino/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Arlene Robles/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Natasha Jaro/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP
    Carla Lacerda/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP

    Dear colleagues, for those who might be interested in any of the positions.


    ----- Forwarded by Abraham Abatneh/PHL/FIELD/WFP on 03/17/2011 03:02 PM -----
    Gilpaolo Rodil/PHL/FIELD/WFP
    03/17/2011 02:39 PM
    Stephen Anderson/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Asaka Nyangara/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Dipayan Bhattacharyya/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Khin Marlar/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Dragoslav Djuraskovic/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Abraham Abatneh/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Carla Lacerda/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Alemu Gebre/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Bernard Mrewa/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Ben Ngaira/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Takayuki Saito/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP

    Dear All,

    Attached below are the current vacancy announcements, for your reference. Thanks.

    Best regards,
    Paolo Rodil

    ----- Forwarded by Gilpaolo Rodil/PHL/FIELD/WFP on 03/17/2011 02:31 PM -----
    Gilpaolo Rodil/PHL/FIELD/WFP
    03/16/2011 10:20 AM
    Lynlie DeLaCruz/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Arnel Penaverde/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, JohnMark Abejuela/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Desiderio Atienza/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Marlon Laher/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Mishael Argonza/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Aveen Acuna-Gulo/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Fahima Abdulaziz/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Zhurbohida Balading/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Venus Lozano/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Hananie Macapeges/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Nolieus Labrador/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Samsia Santiago/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Marlon Sunga/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Niel Catolico/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Celestino Castillon/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Arniel Mascod/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Myron Kamensa/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Rolando Uy/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Shennilane Sapilo/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Jofer Siodora/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Olivia Cortez/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Radjemma Lao/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Sahid Salik/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Veronica Forones/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Baicon Macaraya/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Norlaynie Atar/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Jaslin Masbud/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Apasrah Bani/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Carlito Sacedon/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Saifuddin Lucman/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Samsoden Bara/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Marissa Ragragio/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Lani Patco/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Roselie Asis/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Loubelle Banas/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Hasna Abubakar/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Daren Diel/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Jubaira Abas/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Latip Macapintal/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, John Lobaton/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Bonnie Singayao/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Imelda DelaCruz/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Rosiebele Hitosis/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Nasser Masdal/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Haron Mangget/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Alma Apara/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Robert Lu/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Hasana Kundo/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Raihanna Datuharon/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Jaidan Batuampar/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Haber DidaAgun/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Brendel Valiao/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Ashary Bantuas/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, MichaelAngelo Yatco/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Arman Bercasio/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Engelbert Bunagan/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Ferdinand Tuazon/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Wilhelmina Aquino/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Saripa Alangadi/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Arlene Robles/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Natasha Jaro/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Ruby Senin/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Angeli Mendoza/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, KC Co/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Carlo Buning/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Clarissa Samole/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Fharouk Lorenzo/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Bhenzar Guiapal/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Norolhakim Sicag/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Cairoden Arumpac/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Mei Nebreja/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Marilou Zipagan/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Carleneth SanValentin/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, LizoilJohn Donayre/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, JosephEnrico Alviar/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Romelita Idia/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, VincentJaybee Pangilinan/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Edelyn Toribio/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Susan Batutay/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Naimah Lindao/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Dionicio Matencio/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, JosephEnrico Alviar/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP, Romelita Idia/PHL/FIELD/WFP@WFP

    Dear Colleagues,

    Please forward to all interested staff and implementing partners in your duty station.

    Best Regards,

    Paolo Rodil
    Senior HR  Assistant
    WFP Manila
    5/F G.C. Corporate Plaza (Former Jaka 2 Building)
    150 Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village
    Makati City, Philippines
    Tel:  + 63 2 7502561/8942730/7519166
    Fax: + 63 2 7502562
    Mobile:  + 63 9175948627
    Vsat: 1310-2280

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