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Practicing Clinical Psychologist Requires

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  • fahmida.khan98
    Practicing Clinical Psychologist Requires Becoming a practicing clinical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2011

      Practicing Clinical Psychologist Requires 

      Becoming a practicing clinical psychologist requires years of training, often culminating in a doctoral degree. Most psychology professionals choose to enhance their training by building work experience in a variety of counseling and research positions. As a result, some counselors find themselves locked into jobs because they cannot afford to stop working during the period necessary to reach the next rung on the career ladder.  More info.... 

      Online Psychology Programs 

      Fortunately, online psychology degree programs have made it easier to train for this challenging career. Working counselors and other psychology professionals can attend classes and interact with faculty on their own schedules.  More info.... 

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