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[From Anime Clubs Unite] Anime USA Convention

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  • msuanimeunltd
    Hello, I would like to let your club know about Anime USA (www.animeusa.org), an anime convention near Washington DC celebrating its eighth anniversary, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2006

      I would like to let your club know about Anime USA
      an anime convention near Washington DC celebrating its eighth
      anniversary, and the opportunity we are providing to clubs such as
      yours to receive a $5 discount per person off the current membership
      rates if you register as a group (8 or more) for a $30 per person
      for regular membership and $48 for Silver membership. Registration
      deadline is 31 Oct 2006. The registration rate at the door will be
      and Silver memberships are only available by pre-registering.

      Anime USA will be held November 17-19, 2006 at the Sheraton Premiere
      in Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA, 20 minutes west of Washington, DC.

      We offer two different membership options:

      Regular Membership: Full access to the dealers room, video rooms,
      video gaming room, art show, artist alley, panels, workshops, con
      suite, cosplay.

      Silver Membership: Regular Membership benefits plus complimentary
      convention T-shirt and pin, and a Special Badge.

      If you submit a registration for eight or more memberships at one
      each person can receive a $5 discount off the membership option they
      choose. Please see our registration page for details on how to submit
      a group registration.


      Anime USA is also still looking for volunteers. If you want an
      opportunity to see a con from the other side consider volunteering to
      help make Anime USA a success. Volunteers receive perks based on the
      number of hours they work. Perks range from a free T-shirt to that
      plus membership reimbursement and crash space. See our volunteer
      page at:


      Anime USA will have a dealers room, five video rooms, five panels and
      workshops, an AMV room, a Cosplay room, video gaming room, LARP, LAN
      Party, CCG gaming, art show, artist alley, manga library, plus major
      events like concerts by PLID, the J-pop band MAX, and Nen Daiko,
      cosplay contest, anime music video contest, original animation
      contest, video game contests, guest autographs, and marital arts

      Guests include Japanese musical group MAX; voice actor Chris Patton
      and his band PLID, taiko drummers Nen Daiko; voice actors Greg Ayres,
      Crispin Freeman, Caitlin Glass, Monica Rial, and Patrick Seitz;
      Pop Mhan; authors Robert Aldrich and Tee Morris; web comics Blue and
      the Blond, Chisuji, and Paradox Lost; cosplayers Ricky and Karen
      Marty Gear, Jace Moore, and Rosiel.

      For further information, including complete details pertaining to
      group discounts, visit our website at www.animeusa.org.

      I hope to see you there!!!
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