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Fanfic/Fanart Contest, 10/19/2005, 12:00 am

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  • msu_anime_unlimited@yahoogroups.com
    Reminder from the Calendar of msu_anime_unlimited http://groups.yahoo.com/group/msu_anime_unlimited/cal Fanfic/Fanart Contest Wednesday October 19, 2005 All
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2005
      Reminder Reminder from the Calendar of msu_anime_unlimited
      Fanfic/Fanart Contest

      Wednesday October 19, 2005
      All Day
      This event repeats every day, until Wednesday November 23, 2005.

      Event Location: N/A
      Just what the name says! To submit something for the contest, please list the required information on the database, then upload the file to the files section. This contest will continue up until Thanksgiving break, during which time the e-board will judge and decide the winners. Winners will be announced at the Pocky Party on 12/2. We will be awarding 3rd to 1st place.
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