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5956A Call to all Muslims (fwd)

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  • Intan Zaurah Mat Darus
    Apr 12, 2002
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      In the name of Allah, The Most compassionate, The Merciful

      This is a Call to the Scholars of the Muslims Ummah (Nation), the Muslim
      Intellectual leaders, and the Arab and Islamic nations.

      Allah the exalted says: To those who against who the War is made,
      permission is given (to fight), because they are oppressed, and verily
      Allah is the Most capable to give them victory. Those who were expelled
      from their homes with out any justification, except they say Allah is our
      Lord. Chapter 22 A39-40

      To the masses of the Arab and the Muslim Nations everywhere. The heroic
      Palestinian people have entered a battle against the Zionist enemy, and
      are resisting against their heavy machinery weapons.  They are resisting
      against an enemy that is committing barbaric massacre, who make no
      difference between an infant, a woman, elders, and men.  These Zionists
      are cutting off the supply of medicine, electricity, food, and even water.
      The streets of the Palestinian cities are filled with dead bodies that
      have no body to burry them.  The streets are painted with the flowing
      blood of the injured and the dead.  Our brothers and sisters are calling
      upon us, anybody to help them, but to no avail, no one is responding to
      their call.

      Yet, all this is not stopping the children of this heroic nation to offer
      themselves and their own blood to defend themselves.

      To masses of this Nation, the Palestinian people have entered this battle;
      indeed they are doing it on behalf of the Arab Nations and the Islamic

      The bodies of the men and women of Palestine are shields against the
      Zionist agenda, which its greater target is to destroy the entire Islamic

      With all these hardships, the Palestinian people, AL Mujahideen, are
      offering their own souls to defend the honor of this Ummah.  They are
      holding themselves steadfast against these Zionist attacks.  They have
      realized that Muslim Ummah governments have betrayed them, and they
      realized that they only can depend on themselves.  Our Ummah (governments)
      have turned their back on the Palestinian people and they act like they
      havent heard the words of Allah, the exalted, where He says, And why
      should you not fight in the cause of God, and of those who being weak,
      from the men, women, and children, whose cry is:  Our lord rescue us from
      this town whose people are oppressors; and raise from us a Wali (one who
      protect) and raise from us one who will help. Chapter 4 A75

      In this time they posses (the Arab and Islamic nations) all the military
      and army capabilities.  Therefore, some of the scholars and thinkers of
      the Islamic Ummah are signing this historic document to affirm, as
      religious leaders, that Jihad is an Obligation (Fardh ain) on the Muslims
      at this crucial time.  We have the obligation of giving victory to the
      people of Palestine and we should try to liberate the land and its holy
      places from the hands of the Israelis.

      Based on this, they (the scholars who signed this document), are asking
      the Muslim Ummah to put pressure on the leaders to call onto the

      1- Call for a state of emergency in their country and prepare people to
      for Jihad to liberate Holy Land from the Zionist regime.

      2-    Apply pressure to cut off oil on Israel and America, the strategic
      partner in killing the Palestinian. The scholars are calling on all the
      Arab and
      Islamic nations to follow the footstep of Iraq in cutting off exporting
      oil for one

      3-    Cutting all diplomatic, economic, and security relations and to stop
      normalization with the Zionist state of Israel. All Muslim countries
      close all Israeli embassies and consulates in all Islamic countries.

      4-    To come up with means to support any efforts that strengthen the
      resistance in Palestine. And to go to demonstrations to support the
      Palestinian people
      and to make that day of Al Jumaa 4-12-?2002 a day of outrage against the
      barbaric massacres committed against the Palestinians.

      5-    To increase the assistance to the Palestinian people by any means
      Money, food, armory, etc

      6-    To allow the general Muslim public to demonstrate as a form of
      their anger about whats going in Palestine.

      7-    Send letters to the world governments, human right institutions to
      its responsibility and stop the blood shed in Palestine.

      8-    Boycotts all Zionist and American products in the Arab and Islamic

      9-    Calling on all government and independent media offices to be in the
      service of this battle against the Zionists propaganda.

      O Allah we have convey O Allah be our witness


      Signed by:

      1-    Shaykh Mustafa Mashhour, The supreme guide of the Muslim brotherhood
      2-    Shaykh Yusuf Al Qaradawi, Head of Al Sunna research department,
      University of Qatar
      3-    Ayatulah Syed Hussein Fadlulah, Religious scholar, Lebanon
      4-    Qadi Hussein Ahmed, The leader of Jamaa Islami, Pakistan
      5-    Shaykh Mutei Al Rahman Nezami, Leader of Jamaaa Islami, Bangladesh
      6-    Professor Najmu Deen Arbakan, Previous prime minister, Turkey
      7-    Shaykh Muhamad Sirraj Al deen, The leader of Jamaaa Islami, India
      8-    Shaykh Esam AL Atar, leader and author, Syria
      9-    Shaykh Abusalam Yassin, The supreme spiritual leader for Justice and
      Spirituality, Morocco
      10-    Al Syed Hasan Nasrulah, Leader of Hizbullah
      11-    Aytulah Ali Taskiry, President of the Islamic culture relation,
      12-    Shaykh Ahmed yassin, Leader of Hamas, Palestain
      13-    Dr. Usama Al takriti, President of the Islamic party, Iraq
      14-    Ustadh Mamuun Al Hudaiby, Assistance of the Leader of Al Ikwan,
      15-    Shaykh Mahfuz Nahnah, leader of Peace Society, Algeria
      16-    Shaykh Rashid Al Ghanouch, Leader of AL Nahda, Tunisia
      17-    Ustadh Fadel Nur, Leader of the Islamic movement Malaysia
      18-    Shaykh Faisal Mawlawi, leader Of Jamaa Islami, Lebanon
      19-    Shaykh Yaseen Abdul Aziz, Assistant to the leader of the Islah,
      20-    Ustadh Fathi Yakun, President of majlis Al shura Jamaaa Islami,
      21-    Shaykh Abul Majid Zindani, President of Majlis Al Shura Islah,
      22-    Dr. Saleem Al Awaa, Islamic thinker, Egypt
      23-    Ustadh Munir Shafiq, Islamic thinker Palestine
      24-    Shaykh Abdullah Al Ahmar, president of Islah Islamic movement,
      25-    Dr. Ramadan Abdullah, president of Al Jihad Movement, Palestine
      26-    Ustadh Ali Sadr Al Deen Bayanuni, Leader of the Muslim brotherhood,
      27-    Shaykh Abdallah jab, President of Islah movement, Algeria
      28-    Ustadhh Abdul majid Zinaybat, Leader of the Muslim brotherhood,
      29-    Shaykh Abdul Rashid Turabi, leader of the Jamaa islami, Kashmir
      30-    Shaykh Rashid AL Haj, Leader of jam'aa Islami srylanca
      31-    Dr. Ahmed Azzam, leader of the Youth Islamic movement, Malaysia
      32-    Dr. Muhammad Hedayah, Leader of the Justice party, Indonesia
      33-    Shaykh Ibraheem Bam, General secretary for the scholars of South
      34-    Ustadh jameel mansour, >From the Ummah part. Mauritania
      35-    Shayku Musa Aradu, president of Al Islam committee in Africa,
      And many more check the Arabic list