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15988Fw: [FOR GAZA] FOSIS condemns Israeli ground invasion and reiterates call to the British Government to take action against Israeli attacks

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  • Shamil Semanat
    Jan 6, 2009



      DATE: Tuesday 6th January 2009 

      FOSIS condemns Israeli ground invasion and reiterates call to the British Government to take action against Israeli attacks   

      The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) in the UK and Eire today condemned the ongoing Israeli ground invasion of Gaza and reiterated it's call to the British Government to take action against the Israeli brutality. 

      Qasim Rafiq, spokesman for FOSIS, said today, "Over the last few days, we have witnessed the massacre of innocent Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Israeli Defence Force through a series of indiscriminate barrage of air strikes.  Today alone, official reports suggest that a number of children were amongst those massacred in the bombing of the al-Fakhura UN-run school, bringing the Palestinian death toll to almost 600 since Israel's first attacks began.  Israeli bombardment from the air, sea and now ground will serve only to strengthen the resolve of the Palestinian resistance, and despite claims that such aggression is necessary to protect the safety of Israeli civilians, such disproportionate brutality meted out to the Palestinian people will serve only to inflame the situation in an already volatile region." 

      He further added, "The last few days have also witnessed thousands of people partaking in demonstrations across the world, as an act of solidarity with the Palestinian people, calling for an end to the Israeli violence.  Yet it is deeply concerning that following days of air strikes which have pulverised an entire nation, our Prime Minister refuses to condemn the Israeli attacks, despite world leaders describing this as "barbaric and criminal aggression emanating from the state of Israel".  The lack of a clear condemnation speaks volumes and will be considered by many as the silent consent of such actions. Furthermore, the stance adopted by this Government threatens to severely undermine the many millions spent on the PREVENT agenda and other initiatives targeted at the de-radicalisation of young Muslims. There is a real concern that many will see the impotence of the Government and other international institutions, that are supposed to protect innocent life, as reasons to explore alternative methods to put a stop to these war crimes." 



      1. FOSIS (est. 1962) is the umbrella organisation of student groups in colleges and universities throughout the UK and Ireland, representing over 90,000 Muslim students.
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