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15983Street Charity for Orphans

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  • Shamil Semanat
    Nov 11, 2008
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      Street charity for orphans by you.

      Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we can only be collecting on the streets from the 20th to 26th November 2008. The streets that are confirmed thus far are Grafton street, Dames street, and Westmoreland street

      Since there cannot be more than 5 people collecting on any one street at a particular time a rota system will be used. For more information about the rota system, click here

      How you can help?

      1) Check your calendar on when you would be free during those times

      2) Book and let me know you name and email, the dates and times for you to collect by

      • a) Sending text message to 0857442611
      • b) Emailing moon_soe@...

      And tag your friends along!! If you can do it with your friends it would be much better

      3) On the day itself to RCSI prayer rooms to get your buckets and shirts if you still don’t have one. A student card will be made available for you to use to get in there (if you are not an RCSI student and you don’t have a friend who can open it up for you insyaAllah. Just give us a call)

      4) Get a copy of permit, and some leaflets/ fact sheets – fill your names on the permit

      5) Read the rules and regulations and oblige

      6) Head for the street and collect however long you wish

      7) Return back everything to the RCSI prayer rooms except your shirt (insyaAllah we’ll get somebody in charge in the prayer rooms for checking this)

      So text/email/leave a comment now! Book your dates!

      Jump in this fun, worthy lifetime experience, charitable bandwagon!

      See you there!!

      For more information, please visit our website by clicking here