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15975Fw: Coaches from London, Manchester Leeds, Bradford and Wales to Palestine Conference

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  • Shamil Semanat
    Oct 28, 2008

      Dear Friends, 

      As part of a vision to actively engage in raising awareness amongst the British public about the history of Palestine and current issues surrounding it and its people, and to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe), the Federation of Student Islamic Societies in the UK and Eire (FOSIS) is proud to announce its holding of the first of a series of annual academic conferences.

      The first conference, 'Nakba: 60 Years of Hurt and Hope', will be held on Saturday 1st November 2008 at the University of Nottingham in the English Midlands. A selection of the most well defined international and domestic intellectuals and experts on the Palestinian issue will come together to deliver a quality convention in which the Nakba of 1948 and its effects on the Palestinian population then, and its consequences 60 years on, will be explored and analysed. Attempts at possible solutions to the aftermath of the Nakba will also be explored through workshops and discussion panels.

      In light of this, it is our great pleasure to extend an invitation for you and your membership to attend the conference. Details of the sessions and speakers delivering them are as follows:

      There are coaches from London, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Swansea, Cardiff & Newport (details bellow)

      FOSIS Palestine Conference
      60 Years of Hurt & Hope
      Saturday 1st November '08
      University of Nottingham

      Panel Session 1: 1947-48: Independence or Catastrophe
      With Dr Salman Abu Sitta (from Kuwait) & Prof. Illan Pappe

      Panel Session 2: International Law & UN Resolutions
      With Baroness Jenny Tonge & Dr Ghada Ageel

      Panel Session 3: Laws of Absentees & The Right of Return
      With Dr Daud Abdullah & Dr Nur Masalha

      Panel Session 4: One State Solution: Workable or Pipe Dream?
      With Dr Azzam Tamimi (2nd speaker not confirmed)

      Workshop 1: Governmental Lobbying & Dealing with the Media
      With Dr Arafat Shoukri

      Workshop 2: Mobilising the Grassroots & the Boycott
      With Friends of Al-Aqsa

      To register: www.palestine-conference.com and click on 'Register Now'. Please book soon to avoid dissapointment.

      To reserve seat on coach:

      London: head.campaigns@....uk / silvia156@...

      Bradford/Leeds: tarifsiddique@....uk

      Manchester: 07971469929

      Br. Moazzam - Wales Gen Sec.

      Sr. Alaa Khundakji