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  • Sharon Heartly
    Remnants of Love - Kenneth E. Baker Twice In Life Wings ePress Books http://www.wings-press.com Copyright © 2004 by
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2006
      Remnants of Love - Kenneth E. Baker

      Twice In Life                                    

      Wings ePress Books
      Copyright © 2004 by Kenneth E. Baker
      ISBN 1-59088-276-8
                  Sometimes in life, you get a second chance. As this book began, Jennifer Harding and Derrick Rafferty are both sure that the best part of their lives has come and gone. They’re going through the motions and marking time. As the story gathers steam, the two meet and get to know each other just a bit. When Jennifer’s sister, Mary comes to stay for a visit, life gets a little too exciting first for Jennifer and Mary and then for the nice widowed rancher, Derrick, that Jennifer turns to for help. Before I knew it, I’d gone from reading a sweet love story to reading a thriller. It put me on the edge of my seat and kept me involved right to the end.

      The Chosen One

      Copyright  2004 by Kenneth E. Baker
      ISBN 1-59374-101-4
                  In this book, Mr. Baker begins with the question, “what if?” As he begins to answer that, we meet Bill and the love of his life, Tony, a beautiful girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders – or what’s left of it. As this story develops, you’ll be impressed with the richness of the characters as well as the detail of the plot. I have read several books by Ken Baker and like snowflakes and diamonds, I’ve discovered that no two are alike but every one of them is worth having around. This book was thrilling to say the least. I found myself intrigued and more involved in this tale with every turn of the page. If I had any complaints they would be that I want more.

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