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Fw: [scfairtax] A Great Day for South Carolina and the USA

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  • Philip Hinson
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      On March 30th, the South Carolina FairTax Act (H 3993)was introduced in the SC house of Representatives with bi-partisan support from 66 (out of a total of 124) representatives as co-sponsors. This event was marked by a press announcement by House Sponsor Rep. Bill Taylor,(R Aiken), our prime sponsor of the Senate bill (S 274) Senator Larry Grooms (R Berkley) and SC FairTax spokesman John Steinberger of Charleston.

      Rep.Taylor thanked the hard work and persistence of the SC FairTax supporters, many of whom were present for the announcement, with generating the impressive support for this measure in the House of Representatives. Senator Grooms commented on the vast improvement in treating citizens evenly under the proposed legislation compared to our current tax codes. Mr. Steinberger emphasized the greatly improved economic climate for businesses, and individuals to relocate and / or retire in South Carolina.

      This marks another significant step in our quest to have South Carolina lead the nation in true tax reform that is embodied in the FairTax. With passage in the House of Representatives pretty much assured, with more than a majority of members signing on as co-sponsors, we must now turn our attention to the Senate and encourage a majority of Senators to join our 11 (out of a total of 46) co-sponsors.

      Thanks for your hard work and support of the FairTax that got us to this memorable point. The fight is far from over, with redistricting on the calendar in both chambers, it's doubtful that the measure will be debated before the General Assembly adjourns for the year. We will have the opportunity to persuade our representatives to make passage a priority for the 2012 legislative session. To accomplish this we will be asking all supporters to join us in making our voices heard by personal visits, calls and letters to your representatives and Senators.

      In addition, we need help from all over the state to generate funds to mount credible and sustained advertising campaigns in key districts to encourage support of reluctant Senators that their vote in favor of the SC FairTax Act would be a good career move. A pledge to http://www.scfairtax.org/ of 5 or 10 dollars a month from each of our supporters from now through the end of the current legislative session next May, just over one years time, will allow us to push this message in these key districts. Donations made to SC FairTax, Inc. will be used only in South Carolina to advance the FairTax.

      Thanks again for all you do to support the FairTax in South Carolina and the nation,
      Jack Jackson

      South Carolina Volunteer State Director
      115 Sommet Blvd
      Summerville, SC 29483-9742
      843-821-0555 Fax
      843-200-4435 Cell


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