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  • Philip Hinson
    Very well said, Mr. Lane. I hope you don t mind that I am sending this out to other FairTax state groups. Phil Hinson Volunteer Regional Director - SE “We
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      Very well said, Mr. Lane.  I hope you don't mind that I am sending this out to other FairTax state groups.

      Phil Hinson
      Volunteer Regional Director - SE

      We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.

      Thomas Jefferson

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

      Margaret Mead

      From: Robert Lane <rlane1000@...>
      To: tnfairtax@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2008 10:08:05 PM
      Subject: [tnfairtax] Robert Lane

      Robert Lane

      Ladies and gentlemen,
      By not enacting a Fair Tax, the only PROGRESSIVE tax plan to date, our representatives have left in motion a catastrophic chain of events for the future. I strongly assure you, we cannot continue down the path that we are following.
      Social Security is only one facet of the entire problem but I can assure you it is a very major one. As previously untaxed revenue sources come into play (one example foreign workers) and the burden is more evenly distributed, the Fair Tax easily funds Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The Los Angeles times mentioned the risks in an article entitled McCain Takes a Risk on Social Security dated Monday, July 14, 2008;
      ...At issue is how to shore up the finances of the Social Security system, which will come under pressure as more than 70 million baby boomers – the generation born between 1946 and 1964 – enter retirement and receive their benefits.
      A government report in March painted a gloomy picture of the program’s future, estimating that its costs will surpass payroll tax revenue in 2017 – forcing the system to rely on a trust fund that, the report said, will go broke in 2041…
      Our Fair Tax plan (yes our plan, as no one man or organization owns this concept no matter what you’ve been told in the past) is the only one that can save the Titanic otherwise known as the United States (that I love by the way) Government. I tell you honestly the Fair Tax is neither a Democratic thing nor a Republican thing. It’s an America’s Future thing. I know of nothing more important to maintain our sovereignty.
      What’s that saying? “Necessity is the mother of all invention.” If we as Americans don’t have necessity now I don’t know what you call it. I can assure you that I am a man of limited means.. I would rather it be another way but unfortunately it’s not. But, do you know what the best form of advertisement is and sometimes the most lethal to a business? You might guess a television, newspaper, magazine, or radio ad campaign. Those guesses are all wrong. WORD OF MOUTH is the correct answer. Before you pass on the next email you receive that states that it will bring you a great fortune (some say bad luck if you don’t) tomorrow if you pass it on to all you know (they only want valid email addresses so they can spam them all just as you will notice more spam after receiving one). Think about mentioning the Fair Tax to others.
      A case in point, I very recently had a midweek flight to Washington, DC. I happened to notice a distinguished gentleman that I easily recognized as an elder statesman from Tennessee. It impressed me that he was flying amongst the commoners and not on a private leer jet at the taxpayer’s expense. I could have said nothing but decided to speak to him. I thought about it and quickly surmised that I wouldn’t waste my 15 seconds with less important salutations and accolades as I am sure he is so used to as he has very dutifully served our state in many capacities. It would be an opportune time to get his honest opinion on the Fair Tax straight from the source versus one of the form letters all our representative’ s aids spew out. I approached him and gave the ole one two. “Hello Senator, What do you think of the Fair Tax?” I said. His initially warm smile faded very quickly. I could read his mind for just a split second. Oh no, it’s one of
      those fair tax fanatics he probably thought. He hastily shot back, “It would tax people 23% on their homes!” “Yes sir it would, But it would also tax the underground economy.” He then reluctantly stated, “It has some good points.” He then trudged on to his seat. I respected his privacy and took my seat as he took his. During the flight, I pondered was this the best that I could do? Once the plane touched down, there was the usual scramble for bags. I usually allow others to get theirs first as a courtesy unless there is a very short time span between flights and did so this time but I was anxious as I knew that I wanted just a brief exit comment with the Senator. As we exited I approached him again. This time I think he had pondered the Fair Tax and he was very receptive as I said, “Sir, you are correct there would be a 23% tax on homes but what about all the hidden taxes we currently have?” He said, “You’re right there are hidden
      taxes.” He then said, “But there would have to be an exemption for those below the poverty level.” I stated,” That’s all been taken care of as there is such a thing as a prebate that is mailed monthly.. He clearly had never heard of it and I gave him a summation of the details as he listened graciously. He seemed honestly impressed that I would know so much about it. I explained that Congressman John Duncan Jr. was a cosponsor I thought and he said “Really?” All good things must come to an end and he said, “What was your name again? He asked.” And I gladly told him and he went on his way to serve our nation dutifully that day.
      I may never cross paths with this gentleman again but I also have the thought that someone I tell might. They may have the opportunity to talk with someone else that holds office. Word of mouth. It’s that simple.
      If you are feel inadequate and tend not to approach others about this topic, take just a minute and look at the children around you. This is something you can do for each of them. It’s their future, not just yours. I can assure you, the debt and problems we face as a nation won’t dissipate when you and I are gone. Please help us throw out the life boat now. Tell everyone you can about it but first know enough to state accurately what it is about so you don’t alienate people. Also, if they are not receptive, just be polite. Everyone is not as versed as me or you are about it Also, for every one good write up we receive, I guarantee the powers that want it to stay the same (including the IRS) write ten inaccurate articles to quell our progress and that is why we must approach the task at hand with tenacity and remain gracious at the same time.
      I am going to ask that one of the following emails gives you a summation of the finer points of this PROGRESSIVE Fair Tax to help you feel confident. Perk people’s interest by explaining that it eliminates the IRS and that everyone that makes a purchase pays exactly the same tax. Tell them to do a little research on their own if you feel you don’t know enough.
      I can hear it now as I have so many times, the reservations out there, “But what can I do?” or “It will never happen in a million years.” If we maintain that mindset you are right we will never prevail. If our forefathers had maintained that type attitude and there had been no soldiers that so valiantly sacrificed for me and you, we would have come this far.
      We have struck the iceberg. The ship’s orchestra is playing. We just went in debt 1 billion dollars together. The hands are outstretched for many other industries as you read this or I guarantee you they will be soon. It’s just like placing a band-aid on the gapping hole that the iceberg ripped open. But this time there is hope but we must act now to remain the greatest nation on earth.

      God Bless America!

      Robert Lane
      rlane1000@yahoo. com
      PS: Source: The Los Angeles Times - McCain Takes a Risk on Social Security dated Monday, July 14, 2008. All rights reserved.

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