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MS Reader for Windows CE 6.0

Hi Folks--tech question here. Does anyone know how to get MS Reader to install on a windows CE 6.0 device? You'd think it would, but no. Is there a version or
Nov 2, 2010

Upgrade Pocket PC reader help request

I have updated Windows Mobile on my pocket pc, reinstalled MS Reader, activated it, and returned my ebooks but can't read them. They are still readable on the
Oct 26, 2008

Come join me on EduGuide Web Advisors...

EduGuide Web Advisors: Help make the EduGuide Website better Jon has invited you to join EduGuide Web Advisors ... Sign up to become an EduGuide.org beta
May 19, 2008

Java question and answer

Java question and answer at http://javaanswers1.blogspot.com/
May 19, 2008

You're invited to be a beta tester for EduGuide: Partnership for Lea

You are invited to participate in a beta testing program for EduGuide: Partnership for Learning's soon-to-be-launched website at http://www.eduguide.org.
Jon Morgan
Feb 13, 2008

Server Security

I am doing research on server security for my organization. I was wondering if anybody might have some insight on this subject? Thanks, Jon
Jon Morgan
Dec 27, 2007

Kindle vs Windows Mobile machines

Sorry it took so long to reply. You raised a lot of great points, however. If Kindle achieves only one thing, it will prove that there is a market out there
Jon Morgan
Dec 27, 2007

Re: Happy Holidays

Jon, I don't really agree with you on this. To me, still, the best ebook reader is a WM-based device, since it supports all, save pdf, major ebook formats and
hendro joewono
Dec 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

I wanted to take a moment today to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. A lot of magazines, new services, and websites are sharing their "Top Ten" lists
Jon Morgan
Dec 20, 2007

Re: Server Security

Jon, Server security is one of most important aspect of business continuity planning and it should be maintained to adhere the standard quality and to need to
Dec 20, 2007

Spam Policies

I am working on an anti-spam policy for my organization. I've found a copy of the Spam laws passed around 2003-04, but I was wondering if anybody has found a
Jon Morgan
Dec 19, 2007

Server Security

Hi, I was wondering if anybody had some thoughts about server security? Specifically, what are some standards that administrators adhere to when they are
Jon Morgan
Dec 19, 2007


I was wondering how many people have purchased a Kindle book reader from Amazon? Any first-hand thoughts how how well this device runs? I am fascinated by the
Jon Morgan
Dec 13, 2007

Web Communities (Off topic)

Hi all! The organization where I work is developing a new website which will include a web community where our visitors will be able to post messages and
Jon Morgan
Dec 13, 2007

Check out the new blog

I've started a new blog as a partner for this discussion group. It is at http://future-book.blogspot.com and includes an RSS feed from this discussion group.
Jon Morgan
Dec 10, 2007
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