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Re: Help with code Thanks again. Could you help me with VBA code?   Kambiz On Thursday, January 9, 2014 2:13 PM, Pete Groman wrote:   Ok.  Sounds like
Kambiz Afshartous
Jan 10
Re: Help with code Ok. Sounds like you need some VBA code attached to the on update event on the first textbox that will update the second one. That or you could use a query
Pete Groman
Jan 9
Re: Help with code Thank you Peter for prompt reply but the result of your instruction it is not what I need. On this form I have two separate fields for Author Name and Author
Kambiz Afshartous
Jan 9
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Re: 2013 won't scroll No, scroll lock off, tried with scroll lock on just for grins and it doesn't scroll either way. ... From: "Gary D Boehm" To:
Jan 9
Re: 2013 won't scroll Could this be related to the scroll lock button on the keyboard? [cid:image492685.JPG@7cdbe692.4a9a2a19] Gary D. Boehm Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen IT Support
Boehm, Gary D
Jan 9
2013 won't scroll Just upgraded to Access 2013 and now it won't let me scroll in tables using the mouse wheel. Anybody else have this problem or a solution? Brad
Jan 9
Re: Help with code In the field properties, Set the column widths, seperated by commas. ie: 1,2 would be 1" for the first field and 2" for the second. - From:
Peter groman
Jan 8
Help with code First control of a form in Access 07 based on table Author Book Review is combo box with following code in its Row Source: SELECT [Authors_Names].ID,
Jan 8
Re: Filter Report by Selection (Including Dates) SOLVED by using the following: Private Sub Set_Filter_Click() Dim strSQL As String, intCounter As Integer For intCounter = 1 To 7 If Me("Filter" & intCounter)
Oct 25, 2013
Re: Filter Report by Selection (Including Dates) PS: I'm in MS Access 2010, running on XP (yes, XP), though this db was originally designed using XP, if that makes a difference. Thanks again, LB in GA ...
Oct 23, 2013
Filter Report by Selection (Including Dates) Hello! I have an Unbound Form (FrmFilter) that filters a report by 7 criteria using the code below. I would like to add 2 additional unbound date fields to
Oct 23, 2013
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Sabari A
Sep 2, 2013
Printing numerous record problem I have the same form with different names and addresses. Was always able to print the newly added people at one time by selecting , record 110 to 300. All of
Sep 2, 2013
Named Data Macro Hi alls, I have create DB and split to front end and back end. However after do splitting DB there are have a problem to a table which the Named Data Macro is
Iswandy Abdul Rahman
Aug 30, 2013
Re: Access 07 Conditional GoTo Or SetFocus Ken Add the line in red where cur_Amount is the fieldname. Geoff ... While I am adding records by using the following procedure in beforeUpdate event ...
Jul 28, 2013
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Access 07 Conditional GoTo Or SetFocus I have simple Form in Access 07. First two fields are Date and time. While I am adding records by using the following procedure in beforeUpdate event If Not
Jul 27, 2013
Re: Access transfer and backup solved Hi there I did not set it up. I have just been asked to fix. Thank's I think that is what needs to be done.
Jul 26, 2013
Re: Access transfer and backup Separate the front end from the back end (something that should have been done originally) and make one front end version for each desktop OS. - From:
Peter groman
Jul 26, 2013
Access transfer and backup Now we use access for all sales.Name description, how much and so on. We can alter the columns and hide the ones we don't use so they all fit across the screen
Jul 26, 2013
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Jul 10, 2013
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Michael Van Der Stad
Jun 18, 2013
Re: Access 07, Form mode ADD or EDIT I don't have any previously written code that does this. But I'd be happy to write some for you at $60/hr. :) Just Google "Ms Access VBA on_open event
Peter groman
May 20, 2013
Re: Access 07, Form mode ADD or EDIT Thank you Peter, could you please forward VBA code that you referred to.   Kambiz ________________________________ From: Peter groman
Kambiz Afshartous
May 20, 2013
Re: Access 07, Form mode ADD or EDIT You might be able to do something like this: Add a text field to the form with a null value. Then on form open, you can use some VBA to check to see if the
Peter groman
May 19, 2013
Access 07, Form mode ADD or EDIT I have a form that could be open in either Add or Edit mode by clicking on a button. Is there any way that when end user opens a form in Add mode the WORD
May 19, 2013
Re: Can Access 2010 users linked in the backend created by Access 20 I had to recompile all my stuff running on Access 2010 because the calendar object and some other things have been removed from Access 2013. Having said that I
Mar 18, 2013
Sending "Tab" or "Enter" with command button Hi All, We're moving to a touchscreen for some of our Access forms for use on tablets. I have a form that contains a subform. What I need to do is put a
Mike Bisson
Mar 12, 2013
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Can Access 2010 users linked in the backend created by Access 2013? Hi, would anyone of you please advise me on this issue: Our group consists of 4 Access 2010 users, and I am the one who does the development and
Mar 10, 2013
Re: Delete Stubborn Recod If I we in this situation, this is what I would do. Use a make table query to create a copy of the offending table with the bad record filtered out. Then, I
Mar 9, 2013
Delete Stubborn Recod Access 2007, I have dilemma with one record among several thousand. I tried and deleted, it is not in table any longer but when I open a related FORM in Add
Mar 9, 2013
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