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Ultimate Tournament Acapulco Mexico 2012 COED HAT SAND AND GRASS

Hello! Hola! we are promoting the 12th Edition of our COED/MIXED HAT SAND AND GRASS ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT in ACAPULCO MEXICO January 11-15, 2012 (Sorry for the
Nov 12, 2011

I hope it will help you!

..I hope you’ll enjoy after visiting this site. http://www.discolivingroom.it/com.friend.php?afortune=52r3 [Non-text portions of this message have been
neil raggio
Oct 10, 2011

Re: Games around Jackson

Hey Baskin, I don't know if they're still playing, but University of MS Med Center had a pickup game every Friday evening. I haven't been through Jackson in
Sep 20, 2011

Games around Jackson

Hey guys, If you are aware of any pickup going on around the greater Jackson area please drop me a line about it. I am going to be making an effort in the next
Sep 20, 2011

Re: Jackson Ultimate Pickup

Nice to know ultimate is still alive and well in Jackson. In Tupelo, my hometown, there is a big group. Google barefoot ultimate tupelo and you'll find them.
Jun 27, 2011

Jackson Ultimate Pickup

The Jackson area still has a set pickup game on Sunday at 330pm at Liberty park in Madison(for the moment) We also have a Wednesday night pickup (turning into
Jun 27, 2011

Ultimate 2011 Acapulco Tournament Sand and Grass COED Hat

Hola! Ultimate fellow players of the World! We are 5 weeks away of our 11th Acapulco, Mexico- Ultimate Coed, Hat, Sand and Grass Ultimate Tournament and we
Dec 9, 2010

Mississippi Ultimate

I registered the domain name http://www.mississippiultimate.com and I am on a mission to put a little bit of order back into Frisbee in the state. Through the
Dec 8, 2010

Ultimate Acapulco 2011 Tournament COED Hat Sand and Grass Tournament

Hola! This is my yearly intrusion in your list. (Sorry no intent to spam just to pass the word around) We will be having our 11th Ultimate Coed Hat Sand and
Oct 22, 2010

High-school Ultimate

I am putting together a state tournament in the spring for high schoolers and I am trying to spread the word to as many different schools as possible. If you
Sep 9, 2010

Ultimate Tourney Acapulco COED (Mixed) HAT Sand and Grass Jan 2010

Hello! Hola! we are promoting the 10th Anniversary of our COED/MIXED HAT SAND AND GRASS ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT in ACAPULCO MEXICO January 13-17, 2010 (Sorry
Oct 16, 2009

Game times and location info.

Hey guys got a quick question for anyone still using this group. I just got contacted by a guy asking about a game at butts park. I know that game is old and
Sep 9, 2009

Clinton Heatwave Bid Info

Clinton's Magnolia Heatwave Ultimate Tourney info is now posted here: http://www.clintonparksandrec.com/tournaments_clinics.html#frisbee The dates are July
Jun 17, 2009

Jackson Summer League

Hey guys, I'm setting up a summer league here in Jackson and wanted to fill you in on what we are up to. The league will be free (just bring a light and a dark
May 24, 2009

Ultimate Coed HAT Acapulco 2009 Tournament

Hello, this is my yearly intrusion in your mailing list (Sorry don't mean to spam, just to promote our 2009 COED HAT sand and Grass Ultimate Tournament in
Ultimate Mexico
Sep 22, 2008
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