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  • Adriano de Sousa
      MENDES BROTHERS NEW ALBUM   PORTON DE REGRESSO 1     Beverly Hills, California, USA, March 10th, 2010 – The award-winning musical group Mendes Brothers
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    Beverly Hills, California, USA, March 10th, 2010 – The award-winning musical group Mendes Brothers are in studios in Los Angeles completing two (2) new albums, entitled Porton de Regresso (The Gate of Return), in celebration of the 550th Anniversary of Cape Verde Islands.  Porton de Regresso albums 1 and 2 pay tribute to Cape Verde’s founding city, Ribera Grande de Santiago (Cidade Velha), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


    Porton de Regresso 1 will be released in April of 2010.

    Porton de Regresso 2 is scheduled for release in September of 2010.


    Featuring a powerful collection of new songs written, composed and produced by the Mendes Brothers, the Porton de Regresso albums celebrate Cape Verde’s history, culture and the victorious journey of her people.  The albums chronicle the archipelago’s pivotal role as the first European settlement in the tropics and the birthplace of the model multi-cultural and multiracial society that became the Americas and the Caribbean – The New World.  As such, Porton de Regresso 1 & 2 pay homage to Ribeira Grande de Santiago and are dedicated to the people of Cape Verde and to all people of Africa living in the New World – the Atlantic African Diaspora – in celebration of the triumph over the challenges of the last 550 years.


     Songs like Porton de Regresso, Cabo Verde País Museu, Mãe Querida Cabo Verde, Codé de Djarfogo, Hora de Bandera, Deusa de Orion, Bó É, Dia de Regresso and Cabrito Manso are amongst the major tracks comprising the albums Porton de Regresso 1 and 2.



    About Mendes Brothers:


    The Mendes Brothers, Ramiro and João Mendes are artists, composers and humanitarians from Cape Verde Islands who have dedicated their entire career to innovating the music of Cape Verde and promoting unity and peace in Africa and the world.  1996 winners of the Boston Music Awards for Outstanding World Music Act, the Mendes Brothers are the pioneers of Cape Verde’s Bandera and Talaia Baxu music revolution. With over 150 recorded compositions and 40 plus albums to their production credit, the Mendes Brothers are one of the leading forces behind the modern arrangement and production of Cape Verdean music.


    In 2006, the President and the Government of Cape Verde awarded the Mendes Brothers the country’s highest civilian medals, “Order of Volcano” and the “Metal of Merits”, respectively, for their invaluable contribution to the culture of Cape Verde. As humanitarians, the Mendes Brothers have worked tirelessly for over twenty years in the most remote regions of Africa, including Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde, promoting peace and reconciliation, through their music.


    Part of the proceeds from the sales of Porton de Regresso album series will be donated to the Mendes Brothers’ non-profit organization, Music and Life Foundation – a foundation dedicated to harnessing the power of music to enhance the quality of life throughout the world.



    For more information on Mendes Brothers and Porton de Regresso albums, please contact:





    MB Global Media, LLC.

    Beverly Hills, CA.


    Tel: +1 (310) 746-7642
    Email: info@...


    related events: http://ping.fm/NUNyI
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