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New at "Likembe": Ghana Highlife, Niger Delta Sounds, South African Jazz, More!

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  • beadlejp
    Dear Friends: More postings of obscure, hard-to-find music on my audioblog, Likembe : From Red Spots, Black Beats and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2009

      Dear Friends:

      More postings of obscure, hard-to-find music on my audioblog, Likembe:

      From "Red Spots, Black Beats and Stargazers": ". . . this blog is long overdue for a posting of good old Ghana highlife music. And what better way to correct this oversight than to post the LP Akom Ko (Decca WAP 281)? This fine compilation features the down-home sounds of guitar highlife on Side One, while Side Two showcases the more sophisticated danceband sound.. ."

      In "
      The Anioma Sound Pt. 1" and "The Anioma Sound Pt. 2" I discuss the little-known music and artists of the Igbo-speaking area west of the Niger River: "It's hard to say if there is a distinct "Anioma Sound," despite the title of this post. One might discern a certain directness to the music of the area, as opposed to the relative subtlety of Igbo music east of the Niger, but I stress the relative nature of this comparison. After all, no one would call the music of Owerri's Oriental Brothers subtle!. . ." Featured are tunes by Rogana Ottah, Eddy Okonta, Charle Iwegbue and more.

      "Spear of the Nation" brings to light the long-forgotten LP Life in Bracknell & Willisau by South African Jazz legend Dudu Pukwana, featuring the vocals of Pinise Saul: "Born on July 18, 1938, Pukwana was a titan of the South African jazz scene who played a critical role in the Blue Notes and Jazz Giants in South Africa, and in exile with Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath. He later co-founded the Afro-rock group Assagai and Spear, which recorded the influential In The Townships (Virgin C1504) in 1973.. ."

      Gospel Highlife from "New Calabar"" showcases the gospel music of Erasmus Jenewari, a forgotten giant of Nigerian highlife from the Niger Delta: ". . .A retiring and urbane man, Jenewari's career was somewhat overshadowed by that of the great [Rex] Lawson. In the years before the Biafra war he was based in Onitsha, where he recorded numerous hits like "Abari Nyanawa," "Oteke," "Opa Iweriso," and the evergreen "Odenigbo.". . ."

      The Return of The King" features another brilliant, long-lost cassette by Ethiopia's Tilahun Gessesse: ". . .Get ready for another blast of raw, uncompromising Ethiopian funk, courtesy of our friend Tilahun Gessesse. Etu Gela, issued in the early '80s by Ambassel Music Shop, finds the master in great form. The Ethiopian Army's First Division Band accompanies him, and they really wail!.. "

      Finally, in "
      Awijiri: Ijaw Music from the Niger River Delta" I explore the unknown sounds of the Niger River Delta: ". . .The Ijaw have their own indigenous form of highlife music, called awigiri. It is almost completely unknown outside of Nigeria, but has produced many popular musicians and recordings over the years. . ."

      Please feel to drop by and enjoy these sounds!

      John B.

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