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New at "Likembe": Igbo Roots, Classic Highlife, Viviane N'Dour

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  • beadlejp
    Dear Friends: I ve recently made some new posts on my audioblog, Likembe : From The Real Deal :
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      Dear Friends:

      I've recently made some new posts on my audioblog, "Likembe":

      From "The Real Deal":

      "A few posts back I decried the current state of Igbo music, with its lack of true musicianship and over-reliance on synthesizers and drum machines, singling out for special scorn recent recordings by Morocco Maduka. Reader/listener Tom Aernaert in Belgium promised us some vintage recordings by the great Maduka, and he's followed through. . . "

      "A Long-Lost Highlife Classic":

      "Ikoro's '70 Special (Philips West Africa 6386008) by Dan Satch and the Professional Atomic 8 Band is an album I've been intrigued by for many years. A friend loaned it to me twenty years ago, minus the sleeve, and I dubbed it to a 10" tape reel. The reel lay unlistened to for many years in a box in my office, until I finally was able to digitize it, and many others, last fall. . . "

      From "
      Dakar Divas Pt. 5: Viviane N'dour":

      ". . . The artist who seems most comfortable moving between the "old" world of mbalax, the current hip-hop scene and international pop music is Viviane N'dour. Viviane got started as a singer in le Super Etoile de Dakar, the backup group of Youssou N'dour, and soon married Youssou's brother Boubacar (they've since divorced). She released her first recording, Entre Nous/Between Us/Ci Sunu Biir (Jololi) in 1999 and has issued an album a year ever since, becoming one of the hottest stars in Senegal. . ."

      Please feel free to drop in!

      John B.
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