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    Sorry for cross-postings. In this issue: - The Guardian publishes my response to Martin Kettle s article. - New Issue of RicenPeas.com online. - Afro-Latin
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      Sorry for cross-postings.

      In this issue:

      - The Guardian publishes my response to Martin Kettle's article.
      - New Issue of RicenPeas.com online.
      - Afro-Latin Song and Rhythm Study Group.
      - ID Afrika.
      - Speak Out Project.
      - Brighton's Next Rumba Session
      - Cuban Carnival.
      - Cargo gig.
      - Capoeira round-up.
      - Summer Meltdown at Islington Arts Factory.
      - Youtube weekly clip

      And so we start.

      Dear students, friends and community, the Guardian publishes today
      on page 35 a response column written by me to an article featured in
      its G2 section last week by Martin Kettle
      (http://arts.guardian.co.uk/theatre/dance/story/0,,2094808,00.html ).
      Please, if you have the time, get a copy and let me know what you
      think. A disclaimer, though, I did not choose the title of the
      piece, that was a Guardian editorial decision and I'm happy with it.
      Still, I think that this issue raises very important questions about
      the future of dance in the UK in the 21st century. I would like to
      thank Joseph Harker and Julia Cook, the editors of the Response
      Column for their help and patience. Please, also bear in mind that
      this article was written in a personal capacity. Thanks and I hope
      you enjoy the column.

      Ricenpeas June online mag is available now on their website
      ricenpeas.com. They have just premiered a new documentary on Cuba at
      the Frontline Club and judging by Marcel Berlins' reaction
      the piece was produced in the same cutting-edge, independent way
      that has characterised ricenpeas' work so far.

      The unofficial Sunshine State in the UK, Brighton, has a couple of
      events that will have you all frothing at the mouth and hot under
      your collar.

      Afro-Latin Song and Rhythm Study Group
      Free weekly session every Tuesday at 7.30pm
      8 Picton Street, Brighton, BN2 3AP07970 212 933
      Candomble, Ijexa, Samba de Roda, Bembe, Guarapachangeo and Rumba...

      And we keep 'rumbeando'...

      Thank you to all who came for Limon's Brighton rumba both to support
      and to participate. It was a success and a great time was had by
      all. By popular demand we propose another in one month on Sunday
      July 8th. 1-5pm.
      Please come and enjoy beautiful lively Brighton and participate in
      the RUMBA again.
      (this time let's try to start earlier so that it can be a longer
      rumba as Limon does have a regular gig on Sunday evenings).
      To contact us; www.limon-afrocuba.co.uk
      saludos y gracias
      Los Limontas

      Well, there, you have it, sun, songs and... sand? Sorry, correct
      that, sun, songs and fun.

      ID: AFRIKA is a night dedicated to African cultural expression be it
      traditional, modern or a combination of the two. Utilising all forms
      of the arts; singing, dancing, poetry, acting and so much more each
      artist tells a story, the story of who they are and where they are
      coming from. As part of Africa Beyond this event will be
      concentrating on communication and interpretation from such skilled
      artists as:
      Naiada - An African cotemporary dance group whose fusion of raw
      dynamic and energetic movements would make you want to get off your
      seat and dance.

      Rich BLk
      Magda Sinit At five she wrote her first song in memory of her
      brother who passed away from a heart condition. She performed her
      first gig at 16 in a variety of show cases. Magda builds a bond with
      her audiences with her exuberant and level headed character and
      individual style. www.magdasinit.com
      Mensa is a predominantly London-based Soul/Hip-hop producer, multi-
      instrumentalists, rapper and dj.
      Maphisto is a rapper alter ego of it's own self. Maphisto is deeply
      interested in occultism, both modern and classical and his music
      relies heavily on polysyllabic rhymes and bizarre metaphors.
      Mensa bears no responsibility for Maphisto's work (which in most
      cases is uncensored and reflecting his (Maphisto's) own views).
      FUNMILAYO - (Foo-me-layo) Setting a cutting-edge contrast to
      contemporary pop music by people cast in reality TV shows, this
      artist is not only writing and composing her own music, but delivers
      her songs in a soulful, intimate performance. Funmilayo - talented
      and beautiful - follows her passion for music through live
      performances in London and New York, including the famous Joe’s
      Pub in Manhattan and the Jazz Caf.. in London. Her music is an
      eclectic mix of Jazz, Acoustic and Neo Soul that has caught the
      attention of the likes of Pete Rock & CL Smooth (Jealous Owl Rmx)
      and R&B sensation Roy Hamilton. Don’t miss out on seeing this
      incredible talented individual performing live!
      Breis (breeze) is a rap artist, recording his long-awaited debut
      album. Â His music is a fusion of various musical genres from hip
      hop, jazz, soul, rock and Afro-beat. Â He has toured internationally
      as a solo rap artist and with other renowned world music artists. Â
      His music has taken him all over the world from France, Amsterdam,
      New York, Mozambique to Guadeloupe, Nigeria and Japan to name but a
      few. In 2001, he released his first single, "Sounds so fresh" which
      received attention from DJs on Kiss, Choice FM and Radio1. Â Since
      then he has recorded with various groups and artists. Â In 2004
      BREIS released a mix-cd entitled Your favourite MC off his own back
      and continued working on his full length album. Watch out for his
      debut album entitled Student of Life.
      And many more look out for on the night...all the above can be found
      on myspace so search away for a little taster...
      This is an indication of who and what you will be able to see keep
      an eye on our myspace page to stay updated!!!!!
      Following the show let the rhythm move you with music from DJ CynD
      (Man vs Wife) playing the best of Afrobeat, soul, funk and more,
      joined by DJ Noorah playing Hip Hop, Jazz, Soulful house and RnB.
      If you have been to an ID event before I know we will see you there,
      if you haven’t you don’t want to miss it.
      Venue: Bullet Bar 147 Kentish Town Road
      Cost: £5 before 9pm £7 thereafter
      Time:2 am (show starts at 9pm)
      Contact: rougenoir_03@...
      Date: Saturday 9th June

      Places available now!! Open to anyone aged under 25.The SPEAK OUT
      is offering talented young creatives the chance to create a real
      mass media
      campaign for publc benefit .FORWARD presents a unique opportunity to
      about the latest in creative campaigning. You will get invaluable
      hands-on experience of using digital,
      performing and live arts, working alongside established CREATIVE
      industry professionals.The students will work
      in teams on a campaign proposal to then pitch to a judging panel.
      The winning
      team will go on a trip outside the country (Past winners were
      selected to visit
      Africa ) The students receive lunch and travel expenses up to 10/day
      and will
      make great community and industry contacts. All participants will
      produce work
      for their portfolios which will aid future job interviews and
      possibly secure a
      position as a result of the project. If you are available this
      summer for
      approximate 10weeks then please Contact me - CHRISTINA OSHUNNIYI
      07932439788 to discuss further or text with your name with the
      "FORWARD" and I will call you back or email

      The Cuban Carnival will be taking place this coming Saturday and
      Sunday 16th and 17th
      June and I will be performing Oggun on Saturday as part of the
      Comparsa. Thanks to Linda and Guillermo who very kindly invited me
      to come along and do my bit for my culture. Details are as follows:
      Southwark Park, the procession will leave at 5.30pm approximately
      and there will be lovely costumes for all to see. I'm proud to say
      that one of my ex-students, Andrea Greenwood has been involved in
      the making of them and I can't wait to try them on!The procession is
      dedicated to Jane King, who sadly died in January this year and who
      was a great supporter of Cuban Dance and Black Dance in the UK.
      Linda and Guillermo have worked very hard to make this carnival a
      reality. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated. For more info
      go to www.carnival-de-cuba.com

      Andy Wood and his Como No! are at it again!

      Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective DJ John Armstrong (Latin
      Vibe / Afriklub)
      Tuesday 19 June CARGO - 83 Rivington Street, London EC2 www.cargo-
      london. com Como No proudly presents the long awaited return to
      London of Belizean music legend Andy Palacio, after a 15 year live
      absence. Andy & The Garifuna Collective have received a wave of
      hugely enthusiastic reviews for their new album Watina (Cumbancha)
      which mines the African past of Caribbean Garifuna music to create
      something beautifully fresh. Tonight is the London live debut of the
      "Deliciously soulful, an upcoming highlight of the year." Metro "An
      immediate world music classic." fRoots
      "Part of the soundtrack that defines 2007 so far." Charlie Gillett
      "Invites superlatives. .. as revelatory as Paul Simon's Graceland or
      the Buena Vista Social
      All tickets £12 in advance + bkg fee more on the door Book Now
      www.comono.co. uk or from: See Tickets, Ticketmaster, Ticketweb
      Doors open 7pm.
      Andy Palacio onstage 9pm.Hear Andy Palacio at http://www.myspace
      com/andypalacio Check out www.comono.co. uk for other shows that we
      are presenting including: Willie Colon on 10 August, Bajofondo Tango
      Club on 19 October and Ojos de Brujo on 7 November all at the

      Sterling work.

      Afro-Brazilian culture in June:
      Sat 16th June @ Canning House for Timebanks Refugee Week event
      Sun 17th June 12.30pm @ Haggerston Park, Hackney for Sure Start
      Hackney's Father's Day event Sat 23rd June2.30pm @ Royal Arsenal,
      Woolwich for Greenwich & Lewisham Young People's Theatre Refugee
      Week event

      Islington Arts Factory
      Dance Summer School
      23rd July to 9th August
      Three weeks of fun-packed energy offering a range of dance styles
      from Street Jazz, Ballet, Afro-Cuban, Lindy Jazz, Caribbean Dance
      Fusion. For more info, contact Islington Arts Factory
      020 7 607 0561 IAF@...

      I won't say too much about the following youtube clip. I, too, had a
      lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when the video finished. In
      my case, it brought back memories of my Dad playing the same tune
      early in the morning in my flat in Havana. It was either that or
      Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu. But Lecuona has never failed to impress
      me. He was probably one of the first, if not the first Cuban pianist
      to marry our African legacy to classical music. And the fact that
      this piece is performed by two of Cuban most famous pianists, Bebo
      Valdez and his son Chucho, is just an extra bonus to what already is
      part of our heritage as a nation. Enjoy.


      And this is all for today, my lovely tribe. See you on Saturday,

      Take care,


      07813 627 967
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